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    A horrendous thing happened--keep your climbing rope away from the chipper

    No news yet on if they've been able to save his leg which was severed below the knee.
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    Falling a tree with big old long dead branches

    It's a common problem it seems to me: how to lessen the risk of being under a freak failure of dead wood while falling a tree. We have tried having a dedicated watcher beside the faller ready to whack faller with a stick if a fast escape is required. Tried a whistle--can't reliably hear it over...
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    If it's just been serviced assume nothing

    If it\'s just been serviced assume nothing After having experienced a nasty incident years ago just after a 40m Cherry Picker / EWP / bucket truck had been serviced another incident I heard of recently which happened after a service on a tower falls into the same category. Incident 2: The...
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    A monumental loss

    Yesterday in Northern Tasmania we lost one of our industry's finest in a falling accident. I have never met a more thorough, warm-hearted, generous and innovative fellow in any area of endeavour. He was a gifted teacher and a bridge between Arborists on a global scale. As his name has not as...
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    Flick or smack? Your reaction might matter!

    G'day all....... I have met 2 people in the last 6 months who have had multiple life-threatening reactions to spider bites and the subsequent "treatments" they were given. The latest one is a woman who felt something on the back of her neck and reacted by smacking her neck, and that's when her...
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    Copy of Stihl saw--anybody seen them?

    G'day there........ I just saw these on ebay today here in Australia: from the link: "Professional Series chainsaw by BBT industries. This Chainsaw is brand new, commercial grade chainsaw is based on the Stihl 038....." Interestingly...
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    Lost pic--anybody remember the amazing photo ?

    A little while back (within the last month or so) somebody posted an amazing pic of a very tall pine which was almost completely rotted through just above ground but still standing in a forest somewhere. I just can't find it. I'd love to see it again and pass it on. Pete
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    Moist healing / damp band aid for little skin cuts

    Does everyone know about the benefits of wetting the pad on a band aid to promote faster healing of small cuts ? It's worked well for me ! Pete
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    My first time (spectator) at a Comp. (Australia)

    We just had our National Championships! It was here in Launceston, Tasmania for the first time, 4 days ago. Held in our beautiful City Park it was a fabulous event. 6 events in 6 trees. Superbly organised. And it was not just myself but others who also experienced what a friendly and supportive...
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    200T bore type

    Just wondering if anyone knows which of the 2 bore types they are getting supplied with for the 200T? There's a chrome or a nickel type bore in these saws and I'm told that there is no way to tell without looking at the bore which one you've got. Apparently we get supplied with the harder...
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    Gum trees--see many in the States ?

    Just wondering if you guys in the States ever have much work in Eucalyptus species ? Juat a bit different to your natives aren't they ? Pete
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    Footplates for Climbing Spikes--any good ?

    Have searched but only found a couple of negatives on the subject. Has anybody found the Buckingham footplates to be any good ? I'm not sure about how well they'd locate on my boots. Pete
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    Spectacular chipper disk failure

    Been trying to find the full story about this but suffice to say from what I've heard and read here the chipper had been substantiaallly modified and abused. The verbal story I heard was that the disk exploded out of the chipper and at least part of it went through a backhoe cabin and then on to...
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    Grow yourself a house.........or a concert hall

    Apologies to anyone who read part of this already buried under the tree carver thread.... but have any of you seen any grown structures ? The old "Tree Circus" trees are really something--many of them were transplanted to:

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