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  1. TsugaPHC

    Katsura tolerance to root zone disturbance?

    Anyone have thoughts on katsura's ability to withstand root zone compaction and/or disturbance? A new client had an addition put on their home about 3 years ago which caused some soil compaction on the outer third of their katsura's RZ on two sides. This is a massive, old tree with a canopy...
  2. TsugaPHC


    Anybody every use SendJim? From what I can figure, it's a hyper-selective direct mail tool where you can select individual neighborhoods/streets, even down to individual houses to send marketing materials. They also have a tool where you upload your client list and then it sends mailings to...
  3. TsugaPHC

    Renewal contracts versus “confirmations”

    Down in Charlotte at the Expo, and I meet the owner of a company in the same region as me, but we don’t overlap territories. We get to chatting about PHC renewals and he tells me he doesn’t send renewal contracts, he sends COMFIRMATIONS—a letter politely worded that they’ll be out to do that...
  4. TsugaPHC

    PGRs for Sweet Gums

    I know, I know...Snipper or similar chems to prevent gum ball formation on Liquidamber is pretty much a waste of time, but I have a client who is insistent that I give it a shot. Does anyone have any idea what the growing degree day target would be for treatment? JD, I’m looking at you...
  5. TsugaPHC

    Dutch Elm Disease resistance in dwarves?

    A gentleman who called himself a “tree geek” called today seeking advice. He may buy a dwarf Scots elm for his collection, but is concerned about DED. Valid thought since Ulmus glabra is definitely susceptible. The nurseryman who’s selling it claims that the dwarf variety is resistant. Anyone...
  6. TsugaPHC

    Face Palm

    Just had a new experience. Potential client trying to beat me up on price for a $200 PHC treatment. This person lives across the street from a current client, Client A, for whom I have an application scheduled for three trees. Potential client, Client B, says that Client A recommended me, and...
  7. TsugaPHC

    QuickJet Air tool belt

    With EAB injection season upon us, I'm wondering if anyone has come up with a wearable, Batman-style tool belt/holster for Arborjet's QuickJet Air. The tool bag it comes with is OK, but I've found it a little cumbersome to move around trees while injecting, especially if there are under...
  8. TsugaPHC

    Hidden Costs of Having a Shop?

    Hi Buzzers, long time lurker, first time poster. I greatly appreciate all the wisdom I'm read on this forum over the years, so I figured I'd pose a question to the collective hive mind. I'm entering my third year in business, and focus on plant health care. Up to this point, I've been working...

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