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    Text message scam

    Within the last 2 weeks I have received a text message if "I do tree service". It is always an out of area number. Is anyone else getting them? What kind of scam is it? Just wondering?
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    What to do with old bucket truck?

    I have a 2000 Freightliner with altec boom that has seen its better days. It still runs but is rusted real bad and the boom doesn't work from the bucket. I am afraid the only option is the scrap yard. Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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    Difficulty starting chainsaw

    Here is my problem with my stihl ms 361. It starts fine when cold and when it is being used consistently. But when I use it then put it down for 10 minutes or so, I can't get it to start again. I also seem to have the same problem with my stihl pole saw. Any suggestions?
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    Care for a black cherry tree

    A customer of mine has a small black cherry with 2 leaders, one of which is looking pretty sick. Is the something I can treat it with?
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    Vermeer equipment

    I have a vermeer SC60TX stump grinder with a bad planetary drive. I can get it fixed for $1200.00 but it will take 90 days to get the parts, so I have to buy a new one for $2700.00 I also have a BC2000 chipper with a bad valve bank. It has 3 spools and one is broken. Vermeer does not sell...
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    2 man personnel basket

    I have a national crane and would like to get a personnel basket for it. Any suggestions as to where I should get one and what to look for?
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    remove outrigger on National 600D

    I have a National crane series 600D and my outrigger is leaking. I would like to pull it out and take it to a shop for repairs. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do this? It looks simple: pop out 2 pins, disconnect 2 hoses, and pull outrigger out from top. What do ya'll think?
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    Should the water be removed?

    Looking at a live oak and water oak growing together. The customer wants to keep the live oak. Will removing the water oak help or hurt?
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    help finding battery for altec aerial lift

    I have an altec AM 855 bucket that uses a sonnenschein battery to power the receiver that operates my bucket. I need to replace the battery. Any suggestions as to where I can find one for this application? The battery has some wires / adaptor mounted to it so that it can screw into the...
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    2001 1250A Chipper

    I have a Vermeer chipper for sale on ebay. 2078 hours on a perkins diesel. Not pretty but runs and chips fine. New blades and belt. Auto feed does not work. Have papers but never registered. Upgraded to a Vermeer 2000.
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    Can this live oak be saved?

    I gave a bid to trim, cable and all thread this tree. Can it be saved?
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    Practice climbing at the shop

    I would like to build something at my shop to to keep a rope in to practice climbing techniques after work. Any suggestions?
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    moving a 250 year old live oak A small community close to where I live is trying to raise money to move this oak tree I've never seen anything like this done. I hope they can do it. Will be interesting to watch.
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    Opinion on dropping a tree

    I have a large wateroak to take down. It is along a fence line where the back side is houses and the front side is woods. The tree has 2 codominant stems, each about 30 inches in diameter. The trunk is about 50" and about 10 feet tall where the stems start. One stem is dead, and is leaning...
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    Chipper with grapple loader

    Does anyone have any experience using a chipper with a grapple loader?
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    Drake Elm having problems

    Can anyone tell me what is causing this?
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    black fungus on water oak leaf

    I looked at a water oak today that the owner said practially died over night. The tree is full of leaves which have all turned brown. I picked up some leaves off of the ground and on the back of them looked like a black fungus. I removed a water oak for him about 2 months ago that died and he...
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    What is the best way to get rid of stumps?

    I bushhog some lots that have some old stumps. Other than grinding the stumps, what is the best way to get rid of them?
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    All thread rods in pine trees

    A customer of mine has a 100 ft pine tree with codominant stems. The trunk is about 30 inches in diameter. The stems start at about 20 feet, and it looks like a 15 ft crack. He wants me to put all thread rods to try to keep the tree safe. I have done it on oak trees but never on pine trees...
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    Firewood Processors

    Any views ont the firewood processors out their. I can't afford a Cord King so I'm looking at either a Timberwolf or a Built-rite with a conveyor. I currently have a timberwolf log splitter but I need something that can produce more.

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