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  1. hl_tree

    2008 bandit 1090xp

    1200 hrs on a john deere 99 horse john deere. winch cable new last year, have setup for switching to rope cable but have not installed yet. new tires this year, all new brakes last winter. New ECU in 2013, new autofeed in 2013. All work done by dealer. Have 3' toolbox on driver's side which...
  2. hl_tree

    no more hartford?

    I was on the phone with my insurance agent the other day and she told me that Hartford will no longer be offering their arborist program. Said they got rid of the home builders too. Anybody else dealing with this?
  3. hl_tree

    Bashlin gaffs

    I've had these for about 10 years, they have seen very little use in that time. Looking to get $100, will cover cost of shipping within the US.
  4. hl_tree

    Hiab crane leaking

    One of my friends is looking at purchasing a small hiab crane. He ran it for a few minutes and noticed fluid leaking from around the turret which made a descent puddle on the ground. If you guys had to make a guess, what would you say is a possible cause, and how bad is the repair? The truck...
  5. hl_tree

    traveling long distances for work

    I'm sure some of you guys have done this before, so I'm looking for your input. A couple of years ago I helped a friend and his father take down a couple of pine trees at the parents' second home, which is roughly 5 hrs from where I live and work. Today I was asked if I could go again, only...
  6. hl_tree

    chip body

    Somebody shared this link with me, looks like a descent deal if anybody is in the market for a dedicated chip body.
  7. hl_tree

    Efficiency: economics vs. ergonomics

    I was having a conversation with somebody the other day about efficiency. How I've invested in new gear and equipment to make my life easier. That tends to be my motivation for new equipment purchases, will it make my life, and the lives of those around me easier? Odds are it will also make...
  8. hl_tree

    crane accident valley cottage, ny

    Heard about this from a friend the other day, suprised it hasn't been posted yet.
  9. hl_tree

    water in toolboxes?

    I've been having some problems with condensation in the toolboxes on my chip truck. It seems to be more prevalent in the L boxes. Just wondering if anybody else has had this problem, and how they dealt with it?
  10. hl_tree

    return on marketing / advertising dollars?

    So I am sure that there is a formula out there that can be used to say that X dollars spent on advertising should yield Y in new business. This year I've spent almost 10K between getting my 2 trucks and chipper lettered, and uniform in appearance, plus a bunch of new company shirts (something...
  11. hl_tree

    looking for a loader

    The time has come for me to start looking at purchasing a loader of some sort for my business. I just put an offer in today on a 32 HP ag tractor with front end loader and backhoe. I want to try to get it for around 10 - 12K. All I am going to use it for is loading logs and pushing back chip...
  12. hl_tree

    billing for lunch?

    When I go out on a job that is being billed hourly I do not charge for the time I am on lunch break. When I hire cranes, the company does not charge me a half hour for lunch. The guy who I have been using for my bucket work on the other hand, he does charge me for lunch. How do you guys...
  13. hl_tree

    DEF management?

    Since I purchased my truck in May I've been buying DEF in the 5 gal cases.. however after going through almost 30 gal I'm wondering if I'm not better off just getting a 55 gal drum. How are you guys purchasing this stuff?
  14. hl_tree

    bucket truck fire

    Got a call about this this morning from one of my suppliers.
  15. hl_tree

    CTPA Vs. DEP

    For the past few years I've been using the CTPA's unlicensed arborist report form to deal with hacks that have been causing me problems. I've had mixed results with this. Recently I started calling the DEP directly to report the scum, and have seen some VERY good results. I know as a fact...
  16. hl_tree

    wesco highliners

    I ordered myself a custom pair of wesco highliners a few months ago. They just came in yesterday. I was sized up by a computer at the place where I have purchased boots in the past, 11 1/2 EE, though I typically wear a 12. Ordered the boots over the phone as a 12 D, but felt that I should...
  17. hl_tree

    breaking down a stump?

    I was talking with this one individual the other day about breaking down an uprooted stump. He used an electric jackhammer, or a hammer drill and a power washer to strip the stump down to just wood. I had proposed using the air spade, large compressor, and a 60lb jackhammer.... there was a lot...
  18. hl_tree

    pine plains, ny climber fatality

    Ran into a guy the other day who told me about this. Climber had 25 years experience, rope man had been with him for 5 years. Somehow the lead that was being lowered caught his climbing line and pulled it off the stub he was around, causing him to fall 40 feet to the ground. He was conscious...
  19. hl_tree

    winch cable?

    The winch cable on my chipper is getting a bunch of frays in the last 5 feet or so, what is the acceptable way to deal with this problem besides replacing the entire cable.
  20. hl_tree

    CTPA summer meeting

    Anybody planning to attend on Thursday the 21st?

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