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  1. Mahk_Adams

    Do you wear gloves when operating the knuckle boom remote?

    Ben, where do you stand when running the remote? I have heard about gloves, jackets, and coveralls that are heated with 12 volt, but I've wondered about the cord. I know someone who stands on the back of the truck, so that would work for him, but I almost always sit in the operators seat...
  2. Mahk_Adams

    Dead Wood

    The following post turned out to be much longer than intended. The short version is that this month's (February 2018) Arborist News magazine had two separate, independent articles that touched on whether or not removing deadwood is beneficial to the health of a tree. One stated that it was...
  3. Mahk_Adams

    SherrillTree catalogues

    Thanks colb, glad you're enjoying TreeBuzz. Tom, "Wayyyyyy before..." makes it sound like we've been around for ages. Mmm, maybe we have. I just looked for (and found) an article in my files from 1996......
  4. Mahk_Adams

    SherrillTree catalogues

    Thanks for the Replies, and sorry for my late response. I had some family responsibilities over the weekend. The item I'm looking for is the adjustable false crotch. Ideally I'd like to see the description for every year its been in the catalogue, and specifically I'm looking for the year it...
  5. Mahk_Adams

    SherrillTree catalogues

    Does anyone have back issues of the SherrillTree catalogue going back through 2005? Mine seem to have disappeared during one of several moves. I'm trying to trace a particular item for a possible article. Thanks
  6. Mahk_Adams

    truck exhaust near operators seat

    Hey Tom! The flexible hose that we tried (10 feet long) didn't move the fumes far enough away. After it was mounted it ended up about five feet off the ground, just a few feet from the passenger door. Wind still directed the fumes towards the operator. I'd like to get a 25 - 30 foot pipe...
  7. Mahk_Adams

    truck exhaust near operators seat

    We have a k-boom crane mounted behind the cab, and the truck has an upright exhaust stack. The operators seat is the same height as where the fumes come out and, when the wind is in the right direction, the fumes cause the operator to get sleepy and, yesterday, led to a sore throat, an ear ache...
  8. Mahk_Adams

    Redwoods near Portland Oregon?

    I know this is short notice, but I'm headed to the Portland, Oregon area (Portland, Mt. Hood, Crater Lake, Eugene) later this month and wondered if there are any redwoods to see there or if they are only further south, in California. Or better yet, if there are some big trees there, any locals...
  9. Mahk_Adams

    bending yellowwood

    My neighbor has a small (1" diam) yellowwood (Cladrastis kentuckea, formerly Cladrastis lutea) that is bent over from the weight of the new growth. She said it did the same thing last year, so she thinned it to see if it would straighten out, but that didn't help. More new growth this year and...
  10. Mahk_Adams

    Louisville, KY

    Anyone do contract work in Louisville, KY? If so, please send me a pm. Short, fairly easy job.
  11. Mahk_Adams

    Knuckleboom hand signals

    Anyone know if there are standard hand signals for knuckleboom cranes for boom up/down/extend/retract for the main boom vs. the jib? Thanks
  12. Mahk_Adams

    treeMOTION vs treeMOTION S.light

    Anyone have comments comparing these two saddles? Looking at catalogue and web descriptions the main difference seems to be thinner material in the S.light, which translates into a slightly lighter overall weight (5.5 vs 3.95 lbs, respectively) . Are there differences in durability, comfort...
  13. Mahk_Adams

    Killing grass for mulching the CRZ

    CutHighnLetFly wrote: Ditto that. Several reasons for not using it, but the main one is that weed seeds will quickly find their way into whatever material covers the fabric, so there will still be weeds. JSJ wrote: That's new and interesting. Can you provide a link to any of that...
  14. Mahk_Adams

    Gerasimek's Tree-mek

    Jared wrote: "It a pk33002 (33ton). So with this jib configuration it has 99 feet of hydraulic reach with the Mecanil grapple saw attached. If you take that off and use 3 manual extensions you would have 115' of reach." Is the jib configuation the PJ060B JV2 DPS PLUS ? Can you attach or show...
  15. Mahk_Adams

    Gecko footplates

    Gecko used to make a footplate that went with their spurs. Anyone know if they still make them? Does Gecko have its own website? Thanks
  16. Mahk_Adams

    Knuckleboom lift chart

    So what happens where the lines merge? If you start fully horizontal, fully extended it's good for 2215 lbs at 86' 8". As the boom raises to a height of ~39' it merges with the line that shows a capacity of 2380 lbs. So the fully extended boom is then good for 2380? And as the boom gets...
  17. Mahk_Adams

    E &O insurance

    cerviarborist: Thanks for the input, I wasn't trying to pry into your personal information. Rick: you stated: I'm confused. That makes it sound like either 1) you had E&O in your first year of business (and it is clear you didn't, because you state you are in the process of getting your...
  18. Mahk_Adams

    E &O insurance

    You say "...many are settled..." and "...most litigants..." which implies that you know of quite a few lawsuits. Are these in regard to risk assesssment, pesticide applications, poor pruning, errant removals? Do you carry or can you provide input on E&O insurance? Thanks.
  19. Mahk_Adams

    E &O insurance

    For those who do consulting (and specifically risk assessment), do you have E&O insurance? And for those who do not advertise as doing consulting, but who do give opinions of trees (and particularly their structural stability), how many have E&O insurance? I have heard of very few cases...
  20. Mahk_Adams

    purple leaf ornamental

    Anyone know what this is? The photo was taken in NY city, sometime last week, November 10 - 17ish. Thanks!

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