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  1. treemanluke

    Protos Integral Forest

    A face book feind says thumbs up on this bitt of ppe, what say you?
  2. treemanluke

    wanted: petzl sequoia or treemotion

    Must be in very good condition, no chafed webbing. Email:
  3. treemanluke

    prefered static climb lines.

    SRT is new to me as a working line so I am thinking I am not alone. After just over a year of trials with a homemade Rope Wrench, a manufactured wrench, and a unicender I am looking to purchase 300 ft of static access line with the intention of also working off of it: SRT and DRT/floating...
  4. treemanluke


    Dose any body know the dates and location for this years event? I dont seem to be able to get it off the ISA site.
  5. treemanluke

    new harness

    ISA mag says Strasser is making harnesses, dose any one Know about this?
  6. treemanluke

    sick maple?

    I have never seen this around here befor looks like a mold and a web mixed there are nats stuck in the "weby" fuz and all the leavs form this year are crispy on the in side only? mites maby? I'm checking all over for info. I want to impress these guys so I get the work, so far so good.
  7. treemanluke

    Whats wrong?

    What is a fair price for diagnosis work: root inspecting climing to see a problem beter etc. I though i'd charge 25/h for this row of strugling oak trees any thoghts? ITs prob. just bad planting but haven't beenout there yet
  8. treemanluke


    When preforming an aril rescue is it permissable to lower the injurd to the ground with a suitable device? If there a no obstructions that are requiering some one to access the victem or if he or she is partialy able bodied?
  9. treemanluke

    western chapter TCC

    Dose any one know about the western chapters TCC this year? nothing on there site about it.
  10. treemanluke

    butter fly 2

    so ... now that there is a B2 harnes ar they going to kick all of us b1 users to the curb any thoughts?
  11. treemanluke


    I'm intrested to Know if there is a place where lots of curen tree clmbing pictures are posted.
  12. treemanluke

    pictures of climbing

    I'm intrested to Know if there is a place where lots of curen tree clmbing pictures are posted.

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