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  1. Mahk_Adams

    SherrillTree catalogues

    Does anyone have back issues of the SherrillTree catalogue going back through 2005? Mine seem to have disappeared during one of several moves. I'm trying to trace a particular item for a possible article. Thanks
  2. Mahk_Adams

    truck exhaust near operators seat

    We have a k-boom crane mounted behind the cab, and the truck has an upright exhaust stack. The operators seat is the same height as where the fumes come out and, when the wind is in the right direction, the fumes cause the operator to get sleepy and, yesterday, led to a sore throat, an ear ache...
  3. Mahk_Adams

    Redwoods near Portland Oregon?

    I know this is short notice, but I'm headed to the Portland, Oregon area (Portland, Mt. Hood, Crater Lake, Eugene) later this month and wondered if there are any redwoods to see there or if they are only further south, in California. Or better yet, if there are some big trees there, any locals...
  4. Mahk_Adams

    bending yellowwood

    My neighbor has a small (1" diam) yellowwood (Cladrastis kentuckea, formerly Cladrastis lutea) that is bent over from the weight of the new growth. She said it did the same thing last year, so she thinned it to see if it would straighten out, but that didn't help. More new growth this year and...
  5. Mahk_Adams

    Louisville, KY

    Anyone do contract work in Louisville, KY? If so, please send me a pm. Short, fairly easy job.
  6. Mahk_Adams

    Knuckleboom hand signals

    Anyone know if there are standard hand signals for knuckleboom cranes for boom up/down/extend/retract for the main boom vs. the jib? Thanks
  7. Mahk_Adams

    treeMOTION vs treeMOTION S.light

    Anyone have comments comparing these two saddles? Looking at catalogue and web descriptions the main difference seems to be thinner material in the S.light, which translates into a slightly lighter overall weight (5.5 vs 3.95 lbs, respectively) . Are there differences in durability, comfort...
  8. Mahk_Adams

    Gecko footplates

    Gecko used to make a footplate that went with their spurs. Anyone know if they still make them? Does Gecko have its own website? Thanks
  9. Mahk_Adams

    E &O insurance

    For those who do consulting (and specifically risk assessment), do you have E&O insurance? And for those who do not advertise as doing consulting, but who do give opinions of trees (and particularly their structural stability), how many have E&O insurance? I have heard of very few cases...
  10. Mahk_Adams

    purple leaf ornamental

    Anyone know what this is? The photo was taken in NY city, sometime last week, November 10 - 17ish. Thanks!
  11. Mahk_Adams

    moving a 259 ton tree

    Someone forwarded this to me:
  12. Mahk_Adams

    Chainsaw Use and Safety, ISA CEU's available

    Chainsaw Use and Safety, ISA CEU\'s available There will be two chainsaw seminars offered through the Sycamore Land Trust (SLT) in Bloomington, Indiana. Both classes will be submitted for CEUs for ISA Certified Arborists. The instructor will be Mark Adams, ISA Certified Arborist...
  13. Mahk_Adams

    suggestions for saving this cracked oak??

    photo 1 cavity This is a 65 - 70 foot tall, 80 - 100 foot wide, 36 - 40 inch DBH (although, as the photos will show, on the stump it is much bigger) white oak. Two weeks ago I noticed some seepage in a vertical line above this basal cavity. I assumed it was from a hairline crack.
  14. Mahk_Adams

    parts for older 034

    Anyone know an online or mail order source for parts for older Stihl saws? I have an 034 that needs the pull cord assembly and the local saw shop quoted me a little over $100. They said the cost was high because the saw was so old (I think I bought it around 1991). Thanks.
  15. Mahk_Adams

    Are sassafras berries edible?

    Anybody know? References? What about for dogs? Thanks.
  16. Mahk_Adams

    Tree Services mag problem

    Anyone else see a serious safety flaw in the cover photo? Or is there something that I'm missing?
  17. Mahk_Adams

    One year in 40 seconds There is also one year in two minutes:
  18. Mahk_Adams

    Rigging Report, complete

    The Rigging Report for the HSE, of which the article in this link: was a samll part, is now complete and available online. Click on 'View the Full Report' under HSE on the upper right side...
  19. Mahk_Adams

    Green Log Weight Chart.

    Several months ago I sent different trial versions of this to various people for feedback. The attachment has what I think are the three most useful variations considering number of species, range of diameters, readability, and number of pages when printed (the attachment can be downloaded...
  20. Mahk_Adams

    Grow Light

    When my wife and I lived in Indiana she purchased a Grow Light to start seedlings indoors. Before the next winter we moved to Georgia and, because of the shorter winters, never used the Grow Light. I'm not sure what we paid for it, but it is made by Hydrofarm:

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