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  1. rico


    7:20 to 7:40?
  2. rico

    A couple quick Spur and Flip-line tips

  3. rico

    Notch JetStep

    Bored out of my fucking skull so I'm playing with my new jetStep...Best footie I have used to date... IMHO a much better design than the rest of the pack... highly recommended...
  4. rico

    Shelter in Place...

  5. rico

    Disinfecting Tools

    With all the historic changes that Mother Earth is experiencing my local ecosystem has become very stressed and we are seeing all sorts of diseases/bugs that are reeking havoc on our trees and forests. I have been doing my best to try and clean my tools (handsaws, chainsaws, gaffs, ect) between...
  6. rico

    Jeez that didn't take long

  7. rico

    2 Items Left.

    2 items left. Hope those who grabbed the rest enjoy the new gear... 1. ISC Phlotich pulley- bushing model, new and unused. $40 shipped 2. RE Nano swivel- Gently used in great condition. $50 shipped.
  8. rico

    New Bull Line.

    I have a run of Fir removals coming up that will involve a lot of negative rigging. I have been running Stable Braid forever but need some new bull lines and was thinking about grabbing a couple hanks of something with a little more elongation. Hands on experience and recommendations for...
  9. rico


    SOLD. Thanks SouthSound.
  10. rico

    Sterling 12.5mm WorkPro.

    Not a lot of talk on this rope so I'm looking for some real world experience with this rope. My grumpy old hands are about done fucking around with 11mm ropes. Still love flying my old 13mm 16 strands but the bounce is killing me.
  11. rico


    Yet another so-called pro posting up subpar work, then blocking comments that are less than complimentary. So much for standing behind your work and being willing to have a constructive conversation that might benefit your viewers? Fucking YouTube!!! So a supposed reputable pro outfit shows...
  12. rico

    Silky Handsaws

    I spent nearly 40 yrs using Fanno handsaws and don't remember ever breaking a saw blade. Limbing, busting stubs, banging on wedges in a pinch, and generally beating the shit out of them. No matter what, they always seemed to take it all in stride. That all changed when I started using Silkys a...
  13. rico

    SOLD! More bits and bobs coming soon

    ISC Rope Wrench- very lightly used and in near new condition. $95 shipped ISC Plotich Pulley- bushing version. New and unused. - $45 shipped ISC Double Legged Shorty Tether- New and unused. $25 shipped Price for whole package shipped- $155
  14. rico


    A new and unused HH2 with the optional holster. To know it is to love it! Too much shit laying around here, so it must go. $130 shipped.
  15. rico


  16. rico

    Miscellaneous gear for sale. SOLD

    Rope Wrench- New and unused $90 Gone to Israel ISC Phlotich Pulley- lightly used and very clean $40 Gone to Israel Everything else is sold.
  17. rico

    Beautiful Old Buckingham 3" Permanent Gaffs SOLD

    Exceptionally clean pair of old Buck 3" permanent gaff spurs. Notice the stirrup and shank shape as compared to the newer Bucks. These are the bomb and killer for those times your climbing thick shaggy barked trees. $100 shipped
  18. rico

    Quick and Dirty

    Was just getting ready to head up the last tree of the day when a camera showed up.
  19. rico

    I want a rope with almost zero stretch.

    I have been climbing on 11mm HTP and love it, but those times when I have 275-350 ft of line in my basal system there is just a little too much bounce for my liking. Is there anything with even less stretch than the HTP, or do I just start climbing on cable?

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