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  1. johnmeiszner

    boat dock removal

    These guys wanted this oak outta there cuz they feared it would fall on their boats.
  2. johnmeiszner

    Small Town Hacks

    Well, I'm not going to describe them with those words anymore. I can't do many things at all without being shown, and even if I can figure something out its never the "proper" way. I hooked up with Wayne's Tree Service for a couple weeks last month. They're the biggest game around here...
  3. johnmeiszner

    Protien drinks

    I've been taking this stuff for about 6 weeks now, and my arms are noticably bigger and stronger. In fact, I got worried because it dawned on me that I had no clue what I was actually drinking! So I showed the label to a family doctor and he said it was no big deal. Just a lot of protien. I...
  4. johnmeiszner

    Utility Specialist Certification

    I just finished reading the certified tree worker thread. There was definitely two sides to that one. I'm curious how people feel about the Utility Specialist Certification. More in particular, do those of you who felt that its just a way for the ISA to make money, feel that way with...
  5. johnmeiszner

    my new house

    I told some of you I just made an offer on a house. Here it is. Houses are unbelievably cheap here in the country. Of course, you can't sell them either. But this one is right off of Main Street. I can put a sign up, or advertise wood carvings. My mortgage will be cheeper than my...
  6. johnmeiszner

    Carlton 4012

    I'm going to Ohio, TCI Expo, and I can bring it with me. Less than thirty hours. Purchased April,2005. Call now for the treebuzzer special discount. I tried it out and I just don't want to spend my time grinding stumps. John
  7. johnmeiszner

    Box elder bugs?

    Can anyone tell me what these are and if they're harmful? This little ash is infested with them. They don't seem to be chewing or sucking anything.
  8. johnmeiszner

    Treebuzzers competing in Nashville

    I don't know many treebuzzers personally, and knowing a bit about the competitors makes the ITCC much cooler. The only ones I can recognize are Mark C.; just figured out who Treebeach (Melissa)was a few weeks ago; and just put 2 and 2 together and realized 'roach' is the guy built like a...
  9. johnmeiszner

    Wish me luck

    On a landscape job 3 months ago I advised a client to remove a rotting tree w. dead top. Obstacles include a house, shed, service drop, & fences. He thought I was just trying to make a sale, when I was actually afraid to stand under it! He said, "we know someone with a bucket...
  10. johnmeiszner

    Kansas 2005 *DELETED*

    Post deleted by johnmeiszner
  11. johnmeiszner

    Master 2 saddle

    Anybody out there have one they want to sell? (not to repost, but the last post sublect was butterfly seat)
  12. johnmeiszner

    chainsaw carving

    Anybody here going to the Ridgeway Rendevous? I'm totally stoked.
  13. johnmeiszner

    Crock pot

    Any body who hates to prepare food, and doesn't have anybody to do it for them would probably love one of these. Just throw the food in and turn the knob and leave it overnight. Freakin' brilliant. Anyone know any good, hearty recipies? (or do I mean 'hardy'? whatever). So far I just throw...
  14. johnmeiszner

    tree worker certification

    To whom it may concern, When are y'all certifyin' climbers in the Chicagoland area again? I'd like to get that credential under my belt. Sincerely, John M...
  15. johnmeiszner

    Crime wave???

    Video surveilance being installed in our yard, We were told by our manager this morning that the smaller company down the street was robbed (A chip truck, stump grider, and something else). I guess multiple companies have been hit recently. Supposedly investigators think the thieves are...
  16. johnmeiszner

    swollen knee

    To whom it may concern, I got this friend who twisted his knee on Thursday. It didn't hurt or swell up until Friday morning. He went into work thinking he wouldn't go all out. He worked his a_ _ off anyway thinking he could recouperate over the weekend. (Idiot.) He would classify it as...
  17. johnmeiszner

    Learning the cuts

    Should there be some kind of requirement or prerequisite for doing crane removals. Or are a few quick and simple instructions from an "old dog" enough?

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