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  1. mdvaden

    212 ft. Sequoiadendron outside indigenous range

    Recently, our son and his wife moved to a camp in southern Oregon. I noticed a large trunk, and realized it was a Sequoiadendron - cones, foliage, etc.. I went back to help sort an old wood pile, then afterward we measured the tree for fun. I was surprised to learn it was 212 feet tall. The...
  2. mdvaden

    Brotherhood Tree old growth redwood climb

    Last week, Expedition Old Growth facilitated a redwood climb at Trees of Mystery for a several day networking event coordinated by Archangel Ancient Tree Archive. The day before, bats flew out of a tree cave at this spot. The man on the right is NBC's videographer, who got a bit stressed. I...
  3. mdvaden

    Electric Hand Pruners ... Expensive but worth it !!

    Last autumn I bought some Zenport electric hand pruners for occasional fruit tree work. But it started with a mega wisteria arbor around a house that took days and days. My dominant or right hand feels the best it has in a few years, and I only need to use the pruners every few weeks or so. I...
  4. mdvaden

    Coast Redwoods 2015 & 2016

    Already looking forward to the next redwood adventure in 2016. Here's one from autumn 2015 that I just ordered a print on canvas, to hang in the Crescent City gallery.
  5. mdvaden

    Coast Redwood champ holds Title Belt vs. Climate Change loser

    Last night and part of this morning, I stated on my blog about Coast Redwoods retaining their heavy weight champion title belt. And climate change actually being a loser. The full text is at the following link. Sometimes it takes a couple seconds to load. I keep comments disabled on the blog...
  6. mdvaden

    1298 (+) points ... Coast Redwood

    Maybe you read elsewhere ... one of the redwoods we found last year apparently has 1298 points if ranked according to how big tree registries work. We don't anticipate nominating to American Forests right now. The redwood is more likely 1300 to 1302 points. We know the height we can get with...
  7. mdvaden

    Coast Redwood 2014 pics ... plus Bigfoot

    Here's a few 1st week of May 2014 photos from Redwood National and State Parks. For starters ... there is indisputably a Bigfoot in the Coast Redwoods. Found a redwood last visit and named it Bigfoot.
  8. mdvaden

    "Redwood Season" Arrived

    \"Redwood Season\" Arrived Yes ... rain is supposed to drop on the Coast Redwoods this week, and Autumn is at our doorstep. That's redwood season. Autumn, winter, rain and cool fresh clean air. IMO ... the best for photography there. Will check back soon. Hmmmm ... wonder what Gerald is doing...
  9. mdvaden

    COAST REDWOOD by Beranek

    New Release, by G. F. Beranek COAST REDWOOD "TREE OF DREAMS AND FORTUNE" Photographically loaded, cover to cover. Noticed that Wesspur has it on their book page, along with High Climbers and Timber Fallers, and The Fundamentals of General Tree Work. WESSPUR BOOKS COAST REDWOOD, according...
  10. mdvaden

    Redwoods & July

    Just came back from the redwoods last night. Spent time from Humboldt Redwoods, on up to Jedediah Smith. Also continued with the concept of colorful dresses for scale.
  11. mdvaden

    Sir Isaac Newton w/ it's 40,000 lb. burl

    Sir Isaac Newton w/ it\'s 40,000 lb. burl Early May, I posted about photographing the 7th largest known coast redwood ... 7th Largest Coast Redwood ... Liked the way that one came out so much, tried similar on another redwood - Sir Isaac Newton - but with a yellow dress outfit this time for...
  12. mdvaden

    World's 8th Largest Tree

    World\'s 8th Largest Tree Just took another crack at photographing Lost Monarch, Coast Redwood, the 8th largest tree known. May be the 7th largest, actually. This may be my favorite redwood photo so far. Just did a 16" x 20" test print that came out better than expected. From my signature page...
  13. mdvaden

    400 trees / inspect & prep

    Just got an interesting piece of work. To prepare 400, already planted trees, for bark mulch. Actually, it started with a consultation. And the landscape person who planted them, did not cut the twine on most, planted a few in root (containment) bags, and left some staked too long. Found at...
  14. mdvaden

    Evergreens ID class ... 30 yrs. later

    For ISA CEUs and likewise for my landscape license renewals, I'm taking Evergreen ID at the local college. This is actually a repeat. It is one of the classes of my first semester back in 1982. It was also my favorite class in the program. Will likely bump this topic as I take photos in the...
  15. mdvaden

    TreeQuinetic Gadgets | Tree Pull

    Has anyone purchased the equipment or services involved with this TreeQuinetic system? I saw a demonstration in Portland last August at the World Forestry Center when ISA had the conference out here. I was digging through my photos and found a few shots saved from that demo. One of the few...
  16. mdvaden

    Lost 50 lbs. between June & November :-)

    Thanksgiving seemed like a good day to post about recently losing 50 pounds, between last June and this November. Mainly replacing high calorie snacks with lower calorie ones that I can like just as well. And a cutting overall calorie intake some. Anyway, my ankle and knee joints don't hurt...
  17. mdvaden

    Maple height record "Humboldt Honey" 157.8 ft.

    Maple height record \"Humboldt Honey\" 157.8 ft. Sitting here typing from the Curly Redwood Lodge in Crescent City, California, during another redwoods visit ... Yesterday morning, I went down to Avenue of the Giants (Humboldt Redwoods State Park), and measured a tall maple I found some weeks...
  18. mdvaden

    Calaveras Big Trees & Eldorado NF

    Just got back from the Calaveras Giant Sequoias. Plus, some time in El Dorado National Forest. Weather was nice, clear, and not too warm. It was good photography experience too, seeing how that forest differs from Coast Redwood for what works and what may not.
  19. mdvaden

    Redwoods Revisited 6 / 2012

    Just went back down to the redwoods again this month. 3 days - at least 3 different things. 1. Measured Big Tree with Impulse 200LR laser & Photography 2. Portraiture / photography at Prairie Creek & Eureka 3. Explore special redwoods with a science teacher from IL 1st ... how about...
  20. mdvaden

    Blue Spruce problem. Guesses?

    A man who works at the camera shot where I buy my photo gear, mentioned that he had a tree problem. I asked him to send me photos, rather than scheduling a visit, at least for now. The photos below are the ones he just sent. A speck of history is on one photo. I have not asked much yet about...

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