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    crane owner operators

    Sticks and knuckle booms apply. What's the deal with a crane operators license in your state? Is it different if you are the owner operator? Does your insurance company require/care?
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    People actually believe the earth is flat?

    I'll start of by stating I do not believe the earth is flat...nor do I believe the earth is round. I will entertain the gut feelings of validity in my observations and experiences. If the thought of entertaining the earth is flat upsets you and you'd rather entertain you mind with Hollywood...
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    How do we guild our craft?

    Not a union. How many other professions can flex deep skills, knowledge and understanding for the love and beauty of nature, work with (most of the time) living subjects, topped with a flair for freestyle and danger with the likes of MacGyver or the A-team. ...almost forgot about the money...
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    topping trees

    I top trees. I don't advertise, advocate and/or promote the practice in anyway But, I don't think it is all bad. I was ground zero (Plattsburgh NY) for the ice storm of '98. Just graduated college (B.A. Environmental science)...
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    OSHA and starting saws in the air

    loacal husky dealer says the husky rep told them,"OSHA does not allow gas saws to be pull started started while climbing or in a bucket...we are all going to have to go to electric." Ever heard?
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    Big launcher

    Just got the new sherril mailer. How about the .22cal projectile/throw line launcher. Anyone use one? We have these same ones at the mountain I ski patrol at. We use then for setting lines during lift evac on the really high chair lift cables. To say the least, they can be pretty...
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    Are you afraid to die?

    Yes or no... Why? I am not afraid to die. I would however, like to continue to live a while in this wonderful life, before I die. No fear, more excitement, because I feel (intuitively) we (spirits) are ALL going back to the same place. The One source we are ALL from...GOD Some religions might...
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    Mini skid steers tracks versus wheels

    Man I'm so glad I did not but a tracked skid steer. Our Ram Rod 900t is down for the moment due to hydraulic motor failure...not bad it lasted over 10 years. $300 fix. We rented a ditch witch diesel jobber for a week. Now I considered my self a decent operator...before I drove this beast...
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    Final destination style.

    Here are some close calls, to increase safety and awareness! Two in one day. Bout a month ago. New hire to us as a month. Experienced as a climber, 15 yrs union line man, utility clearance climber(spikes only) , equipment operator. He had just topped 20' out of a 130' eastern white pine. He...
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    Climbers for Satan

    No disrespect here. I believe the laws of reality that govern this place we live puts us all in the circles of people, coworkers, and friends as a result of our actions. I gave up fighting the flow many years ago. I now try to remember to go with the current, some times gently, some times...
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    Night ops?

    Today we ran out of daylight, hitched up the chipper with head lamps. Customer added a few more trees at the end and we could not prevail. Not bad, there is only less then an hour of raking and the job is a few minutes from the shop. Head lamps just don't cut it. Saw a logger the other day...
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    You break/cut you buy?

    Really? Is that even legal? As a business owner, I've had saws dropped, ropes cut to name the common few by my employees at my jobs. Then we enter the realm of damage from the work ...fences, gutters, pavement and such. I have never once "charged" an employee for them damaging something of...
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    New feller grapple, anyone?

    New GIERKINK GMT 035 Feller grapple (cuts horizontally or vertically) works on any machine with two circuits, max. cut 14", max. lift 4,400 lbs. max. opening 33", weighs 506 lbs….price $24,800 first dealer in the u.s., timberland truck out of Va. Few other vids on youtube...
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    Rare win win relationship

    I have a buddy who owns a heavy truck towing and repair shop. He gets the calls from the troopers at the dot stations with out of service trucks on the interstate and accidents. Found him when I bought my bucket truck a few years ago, and was in need of a service such as his. A local heavy...
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    Mini skid hydraulics

    So I have an early 2000 Ram Rod 900T with 23hp kohler, turf tires and a BMG. The majority of our jobs utilize if not hinge upon this machine. We do lots of back yards and scaped environments. Really considered getting another one due to dependency, but an arbor trolley is next and then a...
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    Cranes when you do not need them?

    The past few years I have come across jobs where the customer said the "other tree guy" said this tree required a crane. They were so convinced by this other guy, they could hardly believe we could do it with out a crane. We would do these jobs for almost half his bid and make out better then...
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    Knuckle boom guys

    Please make some sweet knuckle boom in action posters we can buy to post on our shop walls so we can visualize our business goals! We could have a knuckle boom photo contest maybe to decide which ones to go with. Puleeze none of those treestuff posters of dudes posing! The guys laughed when...
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    Ice storm Gemini... Upstate NY

    Saturday evening Dec 21st ice storm Gemini hits upstate NY. Upstate like near Canada. They are calling for upto 2" of ice tonight, many places have already seen 1/2". The trees were sagging heavily as it got dark. Today there were hundreds of utility and clearance bucket trucks in and around...
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    Bungee cords anyone?

    So one job we set up a redirect/block way high in a near by tree. Gravity influenced drop zone was inappropriate, so we needed a manipulation of the falling objects to be clean. When pretensioning the high line with gcrs the tree used as a redirect bent with force that was dilivered to the...
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    annual osha boom inspections

    Where are you getting them done? I'm in upstate New York. The truck is a 1999, well maintained and only has 2900 hours on the pto. We purchased it last year from a southern utility company and everything was current. I put more rust scratches and dents in one year on this thing then it had...

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