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  1. treemanluke

    Protos Integral Forest

    A face book feind says thumbs up on this bitt of ppe, what say you?
  2. treemanluke

    wanted: petzl sequoia or treemotion

    Must be in very good condition, no chafed webbing. Email:
  3. treemanluke


    tempting but what I really need is a new sadle......
  4. treemanluke

    prefered static climb lines.

    I chose to go beefy, 11mm HTP. It will be for multi uses not just access , THANKS to all for the input. Now if I only knew where I stored my 180ft comp rope.....
  5. treemanluke

    prefered static climb lines.

    SRT is new to me as a working line so I am thinking I am not alone. After just over a year of trials with a homemade Rope Wrench, a manufactured wrench, and a unicender I am looking to purchase 300 ft of static access line with the intention of also working off of it: SRT and DRT/floating...
  6. treemanluke

    Spider jack 2

    you have to take down the thin edge on the falling end, the the cam end smooths out/depens and the peek of the curvature hits the body limiting "sqeeze" re setting the two angled feturse is less crutial. it gives me a couple of extra weeks on the cam. I dont make eforts to babby my jack, i climb...
  7. treemanluke

    Spider jack 2

    when you get your jack you can change your name to "supper crazy jimmy"
  8. treemanluke

    silky sugoi users?

    the plasic dosen't like impact on cold days. my'n is 4 years old, I just replaced the black part with Purple heart. Just dont abuse her and she will be sweet to you, and and and... my first blade is 6 years old I sharpen it my self. it dosent see yaer round use here in the northwest.
  9. treemanluke

    Spider jack 2

    something left out here is that it is real easy to bump and open the jack while working, how ever it is easy to soft lock the tail on the break.
  10. treemanluke

    Spider jack 2 pulley saver, and jack = game changer. my shoulders don't hurt any more and shoulders are very expensive to replace. I don't make efforts to preserve my jack, how ever clean ropes and using the wood are key. Also, if you don't need to...
  11. treemanluke

    Just spent 6 hrs putting xmas lights on a tree

    I use my 'bucket' I'm sold-out.......:)
  12. treemanluke

    Who's Going to Hawaii?

    Re: Who\'s Going to Hawaii? looking for a cheep room over weekend to watch the itcc
  13. treemanluke


    Dose any body know the dates and location for this years event? I dont seem to be able to get it off the ISA site.
  14. treemanluke

    new harness

    ISA mag says Strasser is making harnesses, dose any one Know about this?
  15. treemanluke

    Butterfly 2 or New Tribe Progear ????

    you need havey or good back support if spiking alot. i don't know if new trib is the best for spikes, they are lite though! an comfy for a split leg style.
  16. treemanluke

    Butterfly 2 or New Tribe Progear ????

    I found some of the same problems w/ the butterfly however I have changed the configuration a bit so it stays around my wast better, my butterly is my day to day climber, 4 years runing, and I have up graded to b2 legstraps.(I wiegh in at 155lb) The glide form buckingham: very ajustible and is...
  17. treemanluke

    PNW 2007 TCC

    Sounds like folks are ready to bun some callus off in Redmond! Dont forget to milk out your ropes for the work climb! Also, I've found the new heat resitent tress cords to be well worth the cost.
  18. treemanluke

    New climber took a 120ft pine

    I picked up an old Asplundh truck recently, but I'm stoked up about a cuople of wide silver's we got coming up, they need climbed too. the trucks good for thoughs road side jobs but a good climber is more valuable to me.
  19. treemanluke

    California climbing comp

    so is this not ment for out of staters? I didn't call to ask.... but the pay-off looks good!
  20. treemanluke

    Testicular Cancer

    "Has anyone else had cancer, especially testicular, I dont know what to expect really, cause ive never had to deal with anything like this, im 22." At your age chamces of recovery are high the doc will tell you its the most prevelent type of cancer in men, I think. A good friend of my'n just...

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