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  1. DanielSon

    Have you ever seen a basement ACTUALLY pushed in like this?

    For years I've fielded calls of clients who were "scared" that this might happen..... Finally, one called me that actually did happen..... (I think). I shot a vid to ask y'alls opinion... Do you think it is the tree? My guess is yes, but I'd like to hear from others who have seen lots of...
  2. DanielSon

    Wanted Ryan's Grapple, Got one?

    Anyone know of someone who has a Ryan's grapple sitting around that they want to sell? I am looking for one to fit a bobcat... Either the 48”, 60”, or 72”. Mark 770-272-6747
  3. DanielSon

    T190 vs T300--- Have you had/used a T190 I need help!!!!

    I found a smoking deal on a t190 and trailer. 2006, 3500 hours He says 14K for both I think he will do 12K It has a few things it needs, leaky front cylinder, and the machine "drifts" backward a bit by itself. Here is the question..... I am used to bigger machines. t300's I've never...
  4. DanielSon

    13,000 Pound Top Flips With Crane

    Someone had asked me to re-post this. I took it offline a while back. Anyway, as before, it's posted to show what not to do.. :) 80 ton crane. He was around 25 -35 feet from center pin. He had the block on 4 or 6 times so he was good for at least 27k. Either way the straps were good...
  5. DanielSon

    When God Prunes (Tops) Trees...

  6. DanielSon

    Helmets during ice storms

    Nah... Why would we need helmets during ice storms? Pft...
  7. DanielSon

    New Map Feature

    Whats up Tree Buzzers.... Just got the new map feature built. We will be uploading it to the play store within the next couple days.
  8. DanielSon

    Chainsaw down the pants!!!

    WOW! Anyone know this guy??? He stole it from Treasure Coast Lawn Equipment in Florida
  9. DanielSon

    Why don't we wrap the pull line around ourselves....????

    Ohh yeah.... Here's why..... Uhh...
  10. DanielSon

    My entire dump run in 51 seconds!!!

    Tree buzz... I know I sound "selly"... My buddies always tells me that. But hear this... MY DUMP RUNS ARE ALWAYS WITHIN 2 MILES!!!! You guys know that I've had lots of ideas. But THIS one is actually WORKING GREAT! So get off your butts and get this app!!! It's free, and WILL ALWAYS...
  11. DanielSon

    Free Mulch NATIVE ANDROID App Now On Google Play

    OK... So the app is now offered as a native android app rather than via the phone's broswer... It is available to download on the play store... And as always... Its FREE!!! No monthly fee, no upfront cost. Just free...
  12. DanielSon

    come to papa

  13. DanielSon

    You'll like this one

    Sure, you know the outcome before you click play, but still fun to watch..
  14. DanielSon

    Tree growing roots under it's own bark....

    So as the title says, I came across something yesterday that I had never seen in 15 years... A tree growing roots under it's own bark! Who else had seen this out there? ***AND AS A SIDE NOTE.... Don't forget about the free woodchip app! It's still free (and always will be) and it works...
  15. DanielSon

    Tree falls on cop

  16. DanielSon

    2001 International 4700 with 43K ORIGINAL miles! $13250

    So... Up for sale is my 2001 International 4700. The truck has an original 43K on it for $13250 The GVWR on this truck is 28K I.E. it is an over CDL truck. It has hydraulic brakes, so depending on your state laws, you may be able to tag it down. It is currently working so expect slightly...
  17. DanielSon

    Pic of today's job

    Pic of today\'s job Had a heavy job today and shot this photo that I thought I would share with yall!
  18. DanielSon

    Almost had my head taken off today.....

    Almost had my head taken off today with the main line on the crane. Didn't want to explain by typing, so I shot you a video to explain....
  19. DanielSon

    Large ice laden co-dom breaks and falls on person
  20. DanielSon

    Decrapeitate... is now officially coined..

    We've all heard of Crape Murder, Crape Rape, etc.... But my favorite is the one my wife coined when she was trying to remember "crape murder"... She said "Decrapeitate" (Ya know... like decapitate....) It makes sense because its like cutting a head off. I checked Google, and it has never...

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