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  1. Jan_

    Minimalist climbing

    The usual ultralight climbing setup is some kind of RADS with the 2 components as light as possible. GriGri/ropeman seems like the ideal combination here. For a rope I'd go with 40ft of 9mm. Throwline and throwweight are probably optional at these heights. An Akimbo coupled with a single foot...
  2. Jan_

    New Look!

    I like it! Small complaint: the scrolling arrows on mobile block a large amount of the site. edit: must've been a bug, they are much smaller now.
  3. Jan_

    Rock climbing harness in the tree?

    A rock climbing harness is not comfortable while you are hanging in it, and it doesn't offer the flexibility that a tree climbing harness has. Still, it's perfectly fine to use one in a tree, I started out using a cheap and uncomfortable one.
  4. Jan_

    Covid Close To You

    My neighbours have it. They seem to be doing okay though, their young so they should make it through it. This really isn't a joke though, and we aren't really prepared for this in any way either.
  5. Jan_

    rope stretch when falling on MRS vs. SRS

    My thoughts on this: If the ratio between load and stretch is linear and the system is perfectly frictionless the stretch should be the same; the rope has half the load, so it stretches half the amount, but at the same time the rope is double the length, which means it stretches double the...
  6. Jan_ down

    That's a local file from your PC though, more specifically the chrome dinosaur game. chrome://dino Not nice of chrome to not let you play it
  7. Jan_

    Cambium saver installation

    You can only have lower branches as a backup if you are using a base tie. I dont like the idea of capturing multiple branches in my canopy TIP, it should theoretically work, but it seems sketchy and unnecessary to me.
  8. Jan_

    Cambium saver installation

    The Friction on a branch is very small in SRT. You wont damage the branch by not using a friction saver. To damage the tree as little as possible, use a canopy TIP. You'll have the same issue as with the friction saver though: the rope will get cinched around the lowest branch if you capture...
  9. Jan_

    Battery Powered Chainsaw/Hedge Trimmer

    The batteries should have about half the capacity at freezing, below freezing things get progressively worse. If you store the batteries in a 30C°/85°F environment until you use them they might warm themselves and work perfectly fine. I still wouldn't use these saws in the winter.
  10. Jan_

    New on the Buzz

    Welcome, I'm sure you're going to have a great time!
  11. Jan_

    SRT Aerial Rescue

    I dont know how this is actually done, but here are my thoughts: It's theoretically possible, but very unsafe. If you tied of the standing leg of the rope you'd create a base anchor system, but this would leave the climber hanging on a loaded line which might be a problem (climber gets pulled...
  12. Jan_

    Need help working bugs out of SRT setup!

    Wow, that's the best DIY RW I've seen so far, I'm impressed! I dont see a "stopper" on it though, it's normally there to help it engage quicker and stay upright. Here is a pic of that thing on mine, it's just another bolt I added. the store bought ropewrench has a rubber thingy bumping against...
  13. Jan_

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas from Germany!
  14. Jan_

    Battery Powered Chainsaw/Hedge Trimmer

    These are all the top handle saws I can find on the German makita website, they dont seem to be available in america... They also market them specifically as pruning saws for arborists.
  15. Jan_

    Municipal VS Self Employment

    You guys are probably right, I'm doing way more than some others my age. I'm in a time of my life where I can afford to do nothing, I guess. Still feels wrong though :D
  16. Jan_

    Battery Powered Chainsaw/Hedge Trimmer

    Oh, it must be a model we only just got in Germany. I'll see if I can find out more about it.
  17. Jan_

    Municipal VS Self Employment

    I'm not planing to start a company any time soon, I dont even know if I will do something with trees as my main job. I kinda want to do some rec climbing courses, something where I can climb and make a bit of money off of it. Studying arboriculture would also be something I'm interested in, but...
  18. Jan_

    Why do you climb trees for recreation?

    I never looked at cats that way, seems like a very hard problem with cats and their status in our society...
  19. Jan_

    Municipal VS Self Employment

    Damn, I haven't gotten around to doing much in my 16 years of life, and you hired a employee at my age. Really makes me wonder what I could be doing if I tried.
  20. Jan_

    Battery Powered Chainsaw/Hedge Trimmer

    I'd see it that way from their product website, maybe someone who has used both saws can comment on it. edit: The 36V one is, to my suprise, not brushless and instead uses a brushed motor which is not as reliable. That'd be a downside. edit 2: Makita makes a brushless 36V tophandle too, it can...

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