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  1. CutHighnLetFly

    A couple quick Spur and Flip-line tips

    @rico thanks for taking the time to make and post this. I definitely picked up a couple things.
  2. CutHighnLetFly

    Akimbo vs BDB

    @JMerritt I saw an Akimbo prototype with a different attachment point / bottom friction po Ugh I dont know too well how to explain it. It's. It that it was jerky as much as trying to dial in that fast descent control was getting me. But this one I saw (my buddy Josh Burr had it), that...
  3. CutHighnLetFly

    Akimbo vs BDB

    The major problem I have with Akimbo vs the Bone is the Akimbo's bottom attachment. It's a pinch point / friction plate. So when you sit into it, it's pressing on the line, and when unloaded it can move a bit. My problem was when you release the device to descend, in an effort to make a smooth...
  4. CutHighnLetFly

    Homemade knee ascenders

    This kinda sucked to make I'll be honest
  5. CutHighnLetFly

    Locked brummel for winch thimble

    Honestly I've done the recommended full bury. I think it was fine. Every amsteel line I've ever seen has just straight buries, two full fids I think it was
  6. CutHighnLetFly

    im that man

    How come no one's mentioning he didn't leave a number to call??
  7. CutHighnLetFly

    In Need of Advice on Tricky Situation With Employer As a Young Tree Worker.

    Just cause is bridge burns doesn't mean it was you who lit it on fire. Don't let your relationship with your employer cloud your judgement. I feel like from reading your post you know what you need to do. Do it. Best of luck
  8. CutHighnLetFly

    Zigzag: Maintenance failure leads to accident

    Guess I'm really only familiar with them brand new on display. Of anyone I trust what you have to say about it Gu
  9. CutHighnLetFly

    balance points for basic rigging

    @rico that Cory guy repetitively tries to endanger himself through the same practices. It's amazing, really.
  10. CutHighnLetFly

    Video: Climber Tops Tree, Nearby Tree Hits Him

    I can see this happening to me in my earlier years of climbing 100%. Constantly sent out to do things without anyone more experienced then I, doing things within my abilities but without the experience or knowledge to have the needed foresight. Terrible way to learn. Hope he learns quick
  11. CutHighnLetFly


    Call me crazy but I've rigged this exactly spear cut deal up often out of the bucket. This isn't anything new, it's a classic bucket op move, is it not? Never as a climber, at least like that. True blue is bad ass for this because you can sweat the stretch from the rope and trigger the cut...
  12. CutHighnLetFly

    Zigzag: Maintenance failure leads to accident

    Looks like an older model in the picture I saw on Facebook. I mean I dunno what the lifespan is on those, I've never owned one, but it looked like a well uses zig zag, someone correct me if I'm wrong here
  13. CutHighnLetFly

    Yale Scandere

    How do you go about milking yours? Doin that much rope, I'm sure you have a process down better then mine
  14. CutHighnLetFly

    Yale Scandere

    Some what of a joke saying it like that. I get in relax mode late in the day. I don't do remotely as tall trees as you man, I live on a little peninsula on the east coast, just short, windswept trees. My removal ropes are only 80-100'ers. Spike up with a lanyard and my climb line as a second...
  15. CutHighnLetFly

    Yale Scandere

    .......lemme know if you think youd wanna sell a 80-100'er... I need a new murdering rope
  16. CutHighnLetFly

    Yale Scandere

    Is there a reason you. Have your heart set on Scandere and have you used it before?
  17. CutHighnLetFly

    Looking for Petzl zillion

    Looking for a Petzl Zillion or a different mechanical lanyard adjuster...... Anyone have one knocking around a gear bag somewhere....?
  18. CutHighnLetFly



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