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  1. Daniel Lantz

    Well, you got me beat there Brother Man!! Nice Avatar!! What kind of tree was that? mine was an...

    Well, you got me beat there Brother Man!! Nice Avatar!! What kind of tree was that? mine was an Arbutus...
  2. Another Day In My Office!

    Another Day In My Office!

    Dead Arbutus Removal
  3. Dead Arbutus removal over tiny home

    Dead Arbutus removal over tiny home

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  8. Daniel Lantz

    New Saw and Tremotion Bridge

    Husky 365 "special", if you can find a good used one... I've had mine since 2008(new), and have had to do nothing to it, just the reg. maintenance....and self inflicted repairs. I have chunked wood on top of it breaking the throttle lock, a piece of the cooling fin, inertia break....starts...
  9. Daniel Lantz

    Transporter on ergovation

    Old thread....but....just picked up a Transporter today for my Ergovation saddle. I managed to get it through the Caritool webbing with a bit of elbow grease and needle nose pliers. The webbing is totally maxed around my Transporter...really tight fit!...looks like it's going to bust...
  10. Daniel Lantz

    Work Photos

    On my way down...HO was on his deck taking pics and delegating to me. Nice straight forward climb....did the job with my Zubat! Just love the pruning jobs; on my way out now to tackle a Madrone( Arbutus)tree...large double leader est. 40% die back(blight). Spurless pruning!
  11. Daniel Lantz

    Work Photos

    Spurless pruning a Doug Fir on Salt Spring Island Bc. Just love the peaceful, relaxing, beautiful, enjoyable jobs!! Riding in the Ergovation.....just like a fluffy recliner...
  12. Daniel Lantz

    Sanitizing Pruning Tools

    Nice thread! I have a lot of orchard pruning customers......I have always used isopropyl, but often wonder if it has any affect on meristems....can disinfectants stop or kill meristematic cellular division?
  13. Daniel Lantz

    Pick in climbing rope

    Same thing happened to my Vortex line...I've only had it a short while too! I still feel safe climbing on it though. The colour has also faded really fast...not to mention the pig tailing....and the stretch ....not complaining, just sayin'...I do love the tensile on this line! Has great hand...
  14. Daniel Lantz

    Gaffed my IMORI yesterday.....

    Sectioning down a Grand Fir snag yesterday...had my favorite climbing line choked around the stem for my 2nd point while cutting....repositioning while looking at my notch, I felt something different while sinking my spike into the tree....looked down and saw my (pole) gaff was through my...

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