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  1. rope-a-dope

    Tree police warrant

    Look at that top-rated pro on home advisor!
  2. rope-a-dope

    What do you enjoy about tree work?

    Thanks for clicking! I'm collecting some qualitative data for an essay. So if you have a moment I'd like to know a few reasons why you like your tree related job. What are the most rewarding aspects of tree work? Thanks! -Todd
  3. rope-a-dope

    Angel oak, Johns Island, SC

    Im planning a trip, and would like to know if anyone could provide insider intelligence on possibly climbing it. My expectations are low, but what a cool tree, i might as well try... Any hints?
  4. rope-a-dope

    Bucket Operating

    We got a new rear mount lift truck and I'm going to be using it a lot. Any pro advice concerning fall restrain systems, steep terrain setup, truck or lift gear, tips/tricks, etc. would be appreciated. I'm used to climbing everything so approaching jobs with a lift is different for me. We might...
  5. rope-a-dope

    Frustrated with kernmaster

    I've broken 3 fids trying to splice this demon rope and I am fed up. I am unable to tuck the core back into the cover because of how tight it is. Do I need to taper the core more? Lube it more? WTF?

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