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  1. Mitch Hoy

    Pad damage

    Back in the neighborhood from where we did an emergency job two Saturdays ago. The pads were on for 5 hours. It was a hot day up here (90+). I don’t want my customers expecting this much kill. I am already considering a wheel machine, but other than laying down more cash for iron, what is...
  2. Mitch Hoy

    Back to chipping?

    Regulations have changed so that certain industries no longer have to burn biomass? Huge reduction in secondary market for tree material? Can anyone confirm or elaborate on this? I was hoping to buy a grapple truck, but it looks like I’m late to the party. What next?
  3. Mitch Hoy

    One star review

    So I just got my first one-star review, out of tens of five stars. A potential customer called me for an estimate, I jotted down her info on a piece of paper while pulled over, and lost it. I guess I said I would be out the next week. Yesterday, I got a passive aggressive text to my business...
  4. Mitch Hoy

    Problems with attachment plates

    So, I’ve had a few guys forget to jiggle the pins in place on our grapple, and then proceed to pry the attachment off during use. This has caused the attachment plate to expand where the pins go in, giving the attachment some slop, and now it looks like it almost wants to pop off with the pins...
  5. Mitch Hoy

    Tail tricks

    What are your favorite ways to utilize the tail of your rope? Tricks for tail management? Lately, I have been tying a monkeys fist, and sending my tail over a crotch well overhead, and base anchoring it in the tree. I then switch my system to it, hit my objectives, and come back to the base...
  6. Mitch Hoy

    Ghetto landing gear

    Among other modifications, I had the idea to weld high-lift jacks to either rear side of my dump trailer for poo man’s loading stabilizers this week. They would be mounted to the box frame and be hidden behind the doors when loading/unloading. I will have to mount some kind of strapping system...
  7. Mitch Hoy

    Mini Rig System

    I put together an in-tree rigging system. @Raven turned me on to the idea, and the 3/8” stable braid. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery? Thanks bud. I’ve been moving toward a need for this since slimming down to a two man operation. I have always done a lot of self-rigging, but on...
  8. Mitch Hoy

    I got called a "snake," yesterday...

    So I got a call Thursday night. Tree needs to come down before the city contractor comes in for $$$$, right away. I knew I couldn't come to take a look until Saturday, and we scheduled an estimate. I call her on Saturday, and she says, "Well, another company stopped by, and said they could do...

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