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  1. Babberney

    What type of AR are you?

    I wrote a short article for our chapter newsletter about the different types of rescuers I’ve seen in contests. See if you can find yourself. Can’t link straight to article—scroll to page 8.
  2. Babberney

    which kid's harness?

    I'm looking into hosting kid climbs this summer and shopping for gear. Petzl has the Oustiti harness for kids up to 66 lbs. and Simba for kids up to 88 lbs. Does anyone have experience comparing these two? I'm inclined to just get Simbas. Will I lose a lot of little bitties that way? We might...
  3. Babberney

    Translate knot names

    my Google fu is failing me. Does anyone have a link to climbing knots with names in Spanish (other languages for fun but I kinda need español)? I can find a few on sailor pages but I'd like to focus on industry standard terminology. Here's a few I need and what I've found: Figure 8 / lasca o...
  4. Babberney

    Rope wrench instructions en español?

    i just bought a RW for a climber who speaks Spanish better than English. Are the instructions available in Spanish?
  5. Babberney

    another ISA boner

    For years, I have used the online mulching brochure on the ISA's site to teach clients what they should be doing. It foolishly placed the "Wrong" image prominently in the middle while shoving the "Right" image to the bottom corner, but I could work with that. But I just went to send it again...
  6. Babberney

    Golfer plays shot from tree

    In a tournament this weekend, Sergio Garcia chose his tree iron:
  7. Babberney

    innate tree climbing abilities examined
  8. Babberney

    You might be an arborist if . . .

    You dump a pile of twigs, sawdust, and leaves out of your shoes every day. (sorry if this is a repeat, but it seems like a good topic to revive now and then).
  9. Babberney

    Trees as pipes (Wulkowicz tune in please)

    Several years ago, I came across Wulkowicz' essay on trees as 2-dimensional entities ( As a young, developing arborist, this was enlightening and has made me think differently about trees ever since. But, over the years, more and more I begin to...
  10. Babberney

    why you shouldn't pave around your tree

    why you shouldn\'t pave around your tree this is a live oak, no less, about 24" diam at grade. edit: dammit, sometimes photos work for me here, sometimes they don't. look here
  11. Babberney

    cite needed: who said don't mulch root balls?

    cite needed: who said don\'t mulch root balls? I have heard at a couple of conferences about (from?) someone who did a study on mulching new transplants. The results suggested it is better to start mulching beyond the original root ball but not over the root ball itself. I mentioned it in...
  12. Babberney

    ISA and religion

    In Texas, public events often include public Christian prayers. This includes high school graduations and football games, school board meetings, city council meetings, etc. (not always, but often--and, yes, it is illegal at govt-sponsored events, but peer pressure often trumps that). So when I...
  13. Babberney

    evolution of the tree boat?

    portable treehouse? elevated tent?
  14. Babberney

    Tree huggers (not that kind)

    Here's a new take on non-invasive memorial plaques for trees. Curious what other arborists think. FWIW, I think it seems harmless enough, but wonder about longevity.
  15. Babberney

    new saw for python fans

  16. Babberney

    canola oil (again): kills saws?

    Just heard a story from fellow local arborist. He took his MS460 to the shop and was told piston was scored/need new top end (AGAIN!). Mechanic blamed the canola bar oil, saying bar oil should also cool engine and since canola flings off, no cooling. Now, I've heard guys say they only use...
  17. Babberney

    university professor debunks plant myths

    I found this link on Neil Sperry's page today: She understands the problems with girdling roots, volcano mulch, and a number of other common problems we encounter and explains them to the layperson. Great...
  18. Babberney

    organic bridges
  19. Babberney

    new ISA brochures

    I just noticed the ISA has redesigned its series of consumer info brochures, but the site still has the old designs. Aside from a different cover, I can't tell what they changed. Has anyone seen the new designs? Should I be ordering? I ask because I always wished they had...
  20. Babberney

    stihl safety recall

    Some stihl equipment has been recalled for the gas cap. Check to see if any of your equipment is included here:

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