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    Vents in chip truck dump box

    Anybody out there have experience with them? I've never chipped into a truck with them and never felt like they would do much overall good. Plus, they are a weak spot fwiw, and seems like they might start rusting before the rest of the body. But never having used them, I was wondering what you...
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    Thinking of getting a new 18" chipper, opinion pls

    My first chipper was a bandit model 100, eons ago, it was good. Next was a morbark model 17 with the single top feed wheel. Real good chipper. Now I have a Morbark Hurricaine 18" chipper with top and bottom feed wheels and huge indeed tray dimensions which is good for feeding large bushy brush...
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    Making roads into solar panels

    Wild and cool idea:
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    Mustang Wanted, climber
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    This came out 2 days ago and has 14.5 mill hits already. In this age of insane, impossible stunts on youtube, vanDamme more than holds his own here. No tricks or photoshop here. Done in one take. This is high performance art, imho If you like truck driving, martial arts, music, epic ads, this...
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    No mas 372s

    I got 3 new 372s a few months ago, they still have original chains on them. They suck. Not much power and usually very hard to start. Ive wanted to smash them many times. They don't compare to old 372s which have legendary performance and durability. So I'm thinking of switching to a 576 and/or...
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    new 395

    My old 394 got stolen too. So I bought a new one. It cuts just awesomely, very, very fast. But after only about 4 tanks of fuel in it so far, it has a problem. Cold saw, buck 4 or 5 rounds and then it turns off suddenly like it ran out of fuel, and it smells hot when restarting it, but not when...
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    New 372s

    3 of my old, everyday-use 372s were stolen a few months ago, they were great saws, no complaints at all, they had amazing longevity as well. So I replaced them with 3 new ones cuz why change a good thing (though I wish I had read the 562 thread before and I would have tried one of them instead)...
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    Kramer tree

    Very impressive article on Tod K's company in this months TCIA mag. Tod used to post a lot of cool job pics. It would be awesome if he and fellow industry heavyweight Mark C would post their work pics again from time to time. They were always very informative and thought provoking.
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    New trucks with new emissions engines

    Any of you have any experience with the newer trucks (2010 and newer) which conform to the latest emissions requirements? Seems most have the separate tank for urea, and others, like International, have a non urea system. Aside from the higher purchase costs and hassle of buying and adding urea...
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    Cabling tools

    I use EHS steel cable and want to start installing more 1/2" eyebolts instead of 1/2" lags, so that will mean increased drilling. I've always used a carpenters brace/drill but figure it is time to update to 21st century gear.. What do you guys prefer to drill with? What are the pros and cons...
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    Vizir eye shield

    Anybody using this shield in conjunction with a Petzl helmet?? Is it any good?
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    What percentage for salesman?

    I normally do all the sales for my company but my top employee has started to sell some jobs, and I've been giving him 10% commision on these jobs. Does that sound like a fair percentage?
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    Petzl response to Kask

    Is there going to be one? I like my Petzl alot but love the idea of a visor...
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    Out and down vs. A frame outriggers

    What are the pros and cons of each? Just wondering what you knowledgeable guys think. And what about standup controls vs a cab. Of course a cab is more allweather comfortable, but how do the taller control handles perform relative to the smaller finger tip controls in a cab. And if you are...
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    Winter outerwear for treework

    We are going to get winter outer wear with company logo, and I was wondering what you folks have found is good in this realm: hooded sweatshirts, carhart type heavy jackets, nylon parkas?? And where's a good spot to get it?? Thanks!!
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    I'm going to buy some. Been using plywood. I was wondering what you all think of them, and what sizes/colors are preferred. I'm demoing a 4x8, and it has raised traction lugs on each side- I was thinking lugs down could be a problem on a nice driveway/warm day/crane driving on it.
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    Husky 372

    I just bought a new one. It is awesome, like all the old ones, if not better. Had a wierd problem though: 2 of the 3 topcover bolts broke in half. It was a bear to get the threaded portions out of the saw body. How those bolts could break is a mystery to me cuz they obviously receive very...
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    Have you ever noticed...

    That many "rich" people simply hate to see firewood carted off their property?? These people invariably burn very little wood per year (e.g 2 wheelbarrows full), they have alot of rotten firewood on their property already which they will ask you to take away to help make way for the new firewood...
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    Hey Blinky

    Awhile back I think I remember you saying you use a steel biner in your climbing set up cuz it's wieght makes it easier to toss up with your line. I was wondering if you could tell me which biner you use, and maybe post a picture of your saddle/hitch/biner setup?? I didn't PM this cuz perhaps...

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