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    Looking for a new climbing harness - 75% spur removals on doug firs, but also SRT, etc

    The name aint so bad but those stickers on it, smh.
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    Treestuff's New Website

    There is at least a small problem every time I order from TS.
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    Banned by Carl the Lumberjack

    Cool post about NE tree work! Who'd ya work with? What do ya mean couple hours travel to work, ya mean from your house to the shop? That would be rough
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    Banned by Carl the Lumberjack

    Rico, I thought a big part of the reason western folks tend to use long bars is because when they are cutting on the often-steep ground, they can reach thru and make all the cuts from just one side of the tree, avoiding the steep drop off on the other side. Btw, let's hear more about your NE...
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    New Look!

    Looks good on my puter, nice job, Mark!!
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    Renesting a fallen Great Horned Owl

    Cool thread! Good info Moss and Arlo, thanks. Crazy GE nest pic!
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    CTPA climbing comp

    Its a chill, supportive group of climbers from what I've seen, you'll like it
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    Swinger 3000 loader

    That looks like a heckuva machine. Even better specs than a kubota R520?
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    Masterblaster tree forum

    MasterBlaster was one of a kind, rest in peace Butch
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    pat lacey

    Southsound, you pegged it with the triple hinge and sizwell, and crazy cool trick boring a little kerf to use the saw as a pry bar to lever the face out.
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    Near Miss Today

    Excellent post, Steve, thanks for the info, and Mark for your key info too. Im guessing another factor was that no one guessed white oak would be likely to fail.
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    I found the poison ivy/oak solution.

    Lately Ive been trying the homeopathic route, eating a bit of it every few weeks, so far so good. I typically get PI but not very badly.
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    XT55 bucket grease nipples

    Yes. Both sides of the pin. Once in awhile it works.
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    XT55 bucket grease nipples

    There's no zerk for it. You have to spray in a lube which will stop the creaking. No such lube exists to my knowledge.
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    somewhat sketchy tree

    Nice job, PC. Lordy it must have been loud when that tree got clobbered by the gods
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    Wise Critter Gives Climbing Advice

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    Hiring - Climbers, Crane Operator, Diesel Mechanic (West Suburbs Chicago)

    These guys are awesome, if that wasn't already obvious from this post.
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    Ropetek Wraptor redesign

    Geez if I didn't already own one of these fantastic tools, after that I'd buy one

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