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  1. Clogger

    Clogger Arcmax Fire Resistant Chainsaw Protection

    Kia Ora Everyone, My apologies for infiltrating the treebuzz forum with blatant marketing type information...but...we're a little excited to tell folk the Arcmax range of FR Chainsaw Protection are now fully certified to ASTM F1897-2014 at 3600ft and CAN/BNQ 1923-450-M91. The Arcmax range has...
  2. Clogger

    Purposively Designed Chainsaw Protection for Women

    Kia Ora Everyone. We are currently in the process of designing chainsaw protective trousers for women. The intention is to produce a garment which is better fitting, comes in women's sizing and is ultimately more comfortable. The end goal is to have both male and female versions of our...
  3. Clogger

    Chainsaw Protective Jackets - Can you help design one?

    Kia Ora Everyone. We're looking for a little bit of help to design a new chainsaw protective jacket. There's a few questions to answer at Everyone who completes the questions goes into the draw to win the prototype for testing..........and (shameless plug time)......if...