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    equipment for sale

    red max backpack blower echo backpack blower peevee, cant hook, two man log carrier echo 360 top handle echo 340 top handle 95 top kick altec 3 boom 51000k miles, pony motor, chip box 99 brush bandit 250xp john deere diesel auto feed 750 hours 2 150 arborplex ropes 6' and 8' woopie slings...
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    quote in marshfield, mass

    my brother is looking for quality tree service in marshfield, mass. nice job, (2) 60' pines, (1) 50' oak with grinding. pm me if interested.
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    huricane contracters

    does anyone have any advice as to handle the huricane season? i have been in florida for two years now and have intentionally avoided them. we feel we could help and are equiped to do so. we have all the insurances, equipment and workers. what kind of plan do we need? do we need to carry proof...
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    99 bb 250xp

    i am selling my brush bandit 250xp so i can move up in size. machine runs very strong (125 john deere). it needs a good paint job though. it came from a bad paint year. at least that is what the dealer told me. just had it gone through this past week. new knives and anvil, new rims and tires...
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    poor chip quality

    i have a bandit 250xp, and the chip quality has been terrible lately. the knives aren't bad at all. is there something i need to know about the anvil? it seems to me the knives are grabbing and throwing the little material through. the back of my chip truck looks like a big pile of rakings. the...
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    i have been using husky for 20 years now. i went into the local shop today and got cornered by a shindawa rep. as many of you may know, once you listen for a minute, they can convince you of their product. it felt like a religious fanatic trying to convert me. i am in the market for a couple of...
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    employees sidework

    one of my climbers takes on some side work on the weekend. how he spends his own time is his business. being a hard worker myself, i can respect that kind of drive. but, he has recently asked me to use my chipper and boom for a side gig. i had to say no to him due to liability reasons and the...
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    hello is that time of year that i get so busy that i can barely think. one of my biggest downfalls is schedualing. even though most customers are flexible to my schedual when i run over on a job and delay the start of theirs, i still think there is alot of room for improvement. does...
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    97 altec lriv50

    i am selling my 97 altec lriv50 boom truck. the truck is a top kick with a 366 gas motor and it has 58000 miles. it has a kabota pony motor to run the boom. it was completly reconditioned, dielectric tested and certified in july 2005. i have a detailed list for anyone interested. the chip box is...
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    job opps in pasco county florida

    looking for a climber and groundie in new port richey area. im me with any interest. pay acourding to exp. start immediatly. thank you
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    touch a truck

    i will be involved at a event called "touch a truck" at my daughters elementary school in a week. i would like to give the children something after i speek to them about what i do for work, and the importance of taking care of trees. does anyone have any suggestions for me? i would love to get...
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    chain bars

    anyone have any input on bars. i am looking to upgrade (if possible) from the powermatch.
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    chain bars

    has anyoneused the woodsman pro bars ontheir saws? trying to get some opinions before buying some. if not woodsman, which bars do any of you prefer?
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    husky 372xp

    if anyone is interested, husky is reintroducing 500 of the 372xp to the market. it is one of the best saws they have made.
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    log dolly

    is there a log dolly anyone would suggest for those back yards that i can't use my mini skid for? my new mini skid....oh yeah, no more dead lifts. log dollys...anyone?
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    does anyone have a resource for proposals and invoices. there is alot of room for improvement the way i do things now. do most of you get a signed agreement before doing the work? thank you for any input you may have
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    comp/liability insyurance

    is there a company out there that focuses on the tree industry? its such a pain in the ass to explain and produce docs describing what you do and how much you make. i am renewing my comp, they change requirement every year. i would use a new company for gl, comm auto and comp. this is the one...
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    are those mini skid stweers worth it to buy? they seem versitile enough to justify buying one with a grapple. we are in the market for something like one, but have never used one. any advice?
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    I need to put a price to a condo complex that is being completly renovated. There are 41 buildings 3 courtyards 2 pools and 4 common/playgrounds. They owner wants all the diseased/dangerous trees down, pruning throughout the entire complex, as well as stump grinding. Sweet job, tough one to...
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    I am at the point that I need to buy chain in bulk. What is the best chain out there, oregon or carlton? Where is the best place to buy it? I live in Florida, and there really isn't a good shop to buy from. The ones that do exist are heavily overpriced. Thank you for your time.