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  1. chicken89

    defamation of character

    what questions can a future employer ask previous employers? i have heard that only- how long has XX employee worked for you, what was the last date worked, and is XX elegible for rehire?
  2. chicken89

    homlite 190

    anyone knwo much about a homlite (sp?) 190? quite an old saw. passed down from my in-laws' father. does not currently work, i have no clue how to fix it if it is possible. would it be something looking into? it has no chain brake, so i know of a saftey hazard of using it, but is it worth hanging...
  3. chicken89

    arborist store

    does anyone know of an arborist store near/west of indianapolis indiana. or a way that i could find a store in that area?
  4. chicken89

    finger traps

    question from pondering when using a throw line in a tree, would it be possible to push an end of the climbing line into a chinese finger trap or something similar- something that cinches when being pulled, then run the line up the tree? rope setup: throwbag->throw line->finger...
  5. chicken89


    does anyone do work on a cactus? do they even need work?i was just pondering one day about this. i don't see many cacti in ohio, so i thought i would ask here
  6. chicken89

    broke a biner

    we recently shock-loaded a steel biner, actually 2. has this ever happened to anyone?
  7. chicken89

    needing equipment

    i recently put in my 2 weeks notice, but i still want to climb trees. what would be good equipment for myself to do occasional work around my house and family's? basic necessities and the such. i should be able to get things at the ISA(?) show in columbus OH
  8. chicken89

    biner preference

    does anyone use specific biners for specific purposes? such as a certain color biner for split tail, type for lanyard, webbing, micro pulley and the such? what about ball-lock vs twist(3 motion) lock? steel vs alum? pear vs D shape? any brand preferences? lot of questions, just seeing if i was...
  9. chicken89

    rarely used saw

    my dad is wanting a chainsaw. he is 50+ and will not use the saw much (will sit in garage alot)... it will basically be me using it at his house. any suggestions? able to spend around $200. nothing too beefy, i might even use it in a few trees. i normally use stihls at work, so i kindda know...
  10. chicken89

    biggest tree for me

    i know this may not be big for some of you all , but this was the biggest for me . took it down thursday and finished cleaning it up friday.
  11. chicken89

    inherited grandfather's climbing belt!

    inherited grandfather\'s climbing belt! my grandfather was a troubleshooter for Penn Power. when i told him that i started doing tree work and climbing, he gave me his belt. it is a Buckingham belt without leg straps, just a belt around the waist and one that goes under the legs. i am assuming...