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  1. SeanRuel

    Line installation device

    Even better
  2. SeanRuel

    Line installation device Saw this seemingly home made version surfing today, I'm sure you could make up a version Kevin. Much better look at the operation than the other video
  3. SeanRuel

    Experienced climber looking to relocate

    Gage tree in Alaska was looking for a bunch of people last year
  4. SeanRuel

    What are your thoughts on this heavy leaner skinny tree

    My thoughts exactly colb. Slash cut it down from the bottom
  5. SeanRuel

    What are your thoughts on this heavy leaner skinny tree

    100% rig it into the tree behind it. Looks like you could hang the whole thing off the larger one. Set a line as high as you can in the leaner Face it up away from the house, pull it over until it's touching the other tree. Then cut logs off the bottom, lowering as needed
  6. SeanRuel

    Tree House Supports

    I'd definitely go with steel cable. There's a pretty big horse chestnut I've seen with slings/ cables holding it together. Arborist said they check/reposition the slings yearly to prevent trunk damage.
  7. SeanRuel

    Anyone selling a SRS device?

    Well, offer stands. If this blows over in a bit and you're still interested let me know.
  8. SeanRuel

    Buckthorn vs chokecherry

    They smell quite differently too, scratch some branches with your thumbnail and take a snoot
  9. SeanRuel

    Anyone selling a SRS device?

    I've got a hh1 you can borrow. You ever make it down to Maine?
  10. SeanRuel

    Mcrs adjustment

    You can put the rings in front of the last strap, pretty nice. Run those leg straps LOOSE super comfy that way
  11. SeanRuel

    Passing rope joint through block

    If you put a large eye splice you can just shove the whole coil/ pile of rope through in one go.
  12. SeanRuel

    Show off them splices

  13. SeanRuel

    Goodies For Sale

    What was the trolley used for? If just people I'm in.
  14. SeanRuel

    FS: 12' tritech lanyard & 30' ce lanyard

    I'll take the tritech
  15. SeanRuel

    Critique my 2 'squeezers' plz? (TreeSqueeze-configuration lanyards)

    I'd guess there is some kind of patent keeping similar products off the market. Looks like a nice homemade version tho. Uni-line is 10500 for 1/2"
  16. SeanRuel

    Passing rope joint through block

    How bout just girth hitching the lines together? Put a small bolt btw the lines to keep from seizing like a toggle
  17. SeanRuel

    Passing rope joint through block

    If you're using amsteel you should just splice it. Stick each end through the other and burry the tails
  18. SeanRuel

    Work Photos

    A few more. Tight LZ to manage, but I'm glad I wasn't the one climbing!