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    Giant(Branch manager) vs Avant vs multi one

    Hey, @Patriot Arborist! Mostly I just like to remind folks to use it in the first place, using key words to find the old threads that discuss the search term in question. One other helpful thing I like to do is to use that item with the up and down arrows that sits to the right of the search...
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    $3000 Signing Bonus!! $25-35/hr Crew Leaders/Trainer- Seacoast Tree Care

    @djm; Any help for JayDeCoster with regard to his issue? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide. Hey, @JayDeCoster! Welcome to the TreeBuzz forum! I think you are going to like it here! Be sure to use the site's search utility to browse a ton of old threads on any arb related topic...
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    Comment by 'TimBr' in media '3:1 DWT with RnW and OmniBlock Pulleys'

    Thanks for creating and posting this illustration, @JeffGu. I appreciate the effort, and will keep this in mind for future experimentation. It looks like it could be fun to play with.
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    Tree Removal Business For Sale

    Hey, @JJM IV! When I hover my cursor over the screen name for @RobOnBusiness, it shows he joined this forum and made two posts all on the same day, and has not been back since. Maybe he still lurks on this forum, but I think it's likely that you will not get a response from the guy. I like a...
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    I was just recently shown a video about an older gentleman from Nebraska, a retired postal worker, who figured out how to grow stuff year round in a cold climate. Interesting stuff. I'll provide a couple of links below for those who care to see it. One short video, one longer and more in...
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    New Lyme desease test

    @oldoakman; Thanks for the sentiment. I've just been really busy with stuff in my personal life, nothing bad. It's nice to be back and checking in, now that I've got a bit of a breather. Thanks again for your concern. Best wishes, Tim.
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    What's this scam?

    Hey, @Kestrel! Welcome to the TreeBuzz forum! I think you are going to like it here! There are years worth of threads on this forum to explore, if you have an interest. I look forward to reading more from you. Thanks for your posts, thus far. Best wishes, Tim.
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    New Lyme desease test

    Hey, @rico, and any other interested parties! I just thought I'd share a short video I stumbled across in my web wanderings. The guy is a botanist, I think, who also constantly swears like a sailor. The video basically tells of a lizard that causes the Lyme disease to be eradicated from the...
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    The REAL Cold Weather Comfort

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    Out of the box DMM Captain Hook bag

    That's so last year.
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    Treestuff's New Website

    Yes, they did take care of that. No, I am not yet a splicer, and I agree with you, I should already be one. I don't know exactly what it is that is holding me back. Probably it's mostly reading about the trials and tribulations a lot of the splicers go through trying to make stuff happen...
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    @Tom Dunlap; Ha! Believe it or not, I just now noticed that you weren't kidding, and that you actually changed the words underneath my avatar. Thanks for the laugh. Tim
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    @RBJtree; Thanks, man, much appreciated. @JeffGu; Thanks, Jeff. I look forward to learning the secret handshake. I just hope I can remember all of the steps.
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    In need of unwanted tools or gear

    Hey, rico! I was never a logger, ok, so let's just get that straight.
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    Notch Radius Ring

    .....and now, the Rope Runner, correct? I hope you have a good time on it. I was wondering if the Akimbo popping off the tending device is bothering you at all, or if you get on with it just fine? This is probably not the right place for my questions, but I'd love to know which device ends up...
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    @Crimsonking; Unofficial is just fine. No pressure. No losing huge amounts of sleep worrying if I can bear up under the huge responsibility, etc.
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    Hey, @jaja25840!! Another big welcome to the TreeBuzz forum! I'm excited for you, too! We'd all love to hear how well you get on with your new devices, once you get some time on them. Climb safely, and thanks for signing up to be a member here at the TreeBuzz forum. Tim
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    Rope Runner

    @jeremyr80; I did a Bing search for "slic pin manufacturer", and came up with these links, as well as others. They provide a page that allows you to create an order for your own custom SLIC pins. I did not try using the order process yet to see how many they actually require you to buy. I...
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    Rope Runner

    Hey, @jeremyr80! I'm not certain, but I think the problem with trying to order from the folks who make the SLIC pins is that they are basically a business to business operation, and in order to get them to make something in a custom fashion you'd have to order in some kind of relatively huge...
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    How Small a Diameter is Safe to Climb High (Conifier)

    @sdeese; Something I've never had a need to try was this suggestion by a veteran arborist. He said that if you start to drop with your lanyard around a tree, slamming your palms against each side of your lanyard will cause it to cinch up on the stem, and stop the fall that is in progress. He...