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  1. GibsonTreeCare

    brand new Petzl sequoia (revamped)

    I'm selling the new revamped version of the new Petzl Sequoia that I have, it has been climbed in 4 times, never had a saw on it or run while wearing it. love the saddle, but I have a build that is more suited to my TM's. this is the new version I reviewed, not the older one. it is size 1 and...
  2. GibsonTreeCare

    Single rope junkies need apply

    I started a facebook group, "single rope junkies" all things SRT, if you are interested, check it out
  3. GibsonTreeCare

    NE Fly

    It is a kernmantle rope, and I know a lot of climbers did not like it for DdRT, but I'm wondering how it would work for SRT and the RW? it is not expensive and looks like it would do the job well in that application?
  4. GibsonTreeCare

    I feel sorry for Marty....

    being a good Canuck boy, I really feel for Brodeur, he was great in his day, but age is showing, I can relate... fight on boys, but in reality, you are done ...
  5. GibsonTreeCare

    Pantin positioning?

    Where do you guys position it on your ankle? Mine kicks off all the time unless I have a biner in the lock-off hole. Maybe it is just my bio-mechanical position? my thighs are short and huge, so it is not that much of an upward movement and my hamstring and calf meet. It is a PIA to keep...
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    Can't reply to your messages, just tried sending another and it says you are not accepting messages? what up man? lol
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    Rope Wrench Ruminations

    Well? it has been 3 months or so of climbing on the Singing Tree Rope Wrench so I feel I've learned enough to talk a bit about it's pros and cons. First off, it is a complete switch in climbing mentality, this is the single biggest hurdle that climbers coming from DdRT to SRT have to deal...
  8. GibsonTreeCare

    How tight for Treemotion leg straps?

    I love my Treemotion, best saddle out there IMO, and far more durable than you hear the rumours about... just curious , how tight do you guys/gals keep the leg straps? Mine are kinda' loose, was thinking on snugging them up, but it seems to make the likelihood of an inadvertent squeeze more...
  9. GibsonTreeCare

    Bowline Cinch for SRT

    Been trying it out , sometimes you don't want a base-tie, especially if it is a TIP you don't want to over-stress, or a scenario where lowered pieces will get fouled in the base-tie. How many of you back up your running bowline? honestly... I tie it with a good-length tail, but practicing...
  10. GibsonTreeCare

    Rope Wrench Methods?

    Okay, So I have been using mine a lot, love it, well thought out and makes working in some situations easier, but not all... I wish there were a way to make it , in certain situations a bit more like DRT. For instance, working a down-sloping limb , like on a big elm. Coming back in on DRT, you...
  11. GibsonTreeCare

    is there anything more evil incarnate?

    Then zing-it 1.75... man, no matter how carefully i flake, big flakes, little flakes, medium flakes, it still snarls worse than any line I have used. I love it, but in a very love/hate kinda' way. anybody else feel this way?
  12. GibsonTreeCare

    sharpening handsaws?

    How many do it? I watched ropeshield's youtube vid, got a feather-file and had at it with both my Zubat and sugoi 12.95 for the file, about 30 min, for both maybe? now they cut like new and i saved some good cash how many of you guys do this?
  13. GibsonTreeCare

    Stein dual VS. GRCS?

    Reg Coate's baby VS. Greg Good's Which is more versatile? Which is the better deal? Which is more robust? Any and all comments are welcomed :) I do like the 2 rope deal of the Stein for sure though
  14. GibsonTreeCare

    Petzl Navaho Sit-fast saddle

    size 1, used only for a few rec climbs by a female rec-climber. Excellent cond. 10+ $200.00 shipped you can email her for pics at: thanks for looking :)
  15. GibsonTreeCare

    Petzl Sequoia size 1

    Like new Petzl Sequoia for sale, I have been called by the dark-side ;) excellent cond, only 5 months old and being winter up here now, only saw very minimal climbing. $ 300.00 shipped includes the gold Petzl bridge ring.
  16. GibsonTreeCare


    Okay, so I'm test-flying one , but dayum...this thing is like the Frankenstein monster compared to my sweet, tight little Sequoia any tips on setting it up? I'm 5' 8" about 170. It is real stiff and unwieldy right now lol tips and pics of where you ride it would help a lot. thanks, Cary
  17. GibsonTreeCare

    Great condition Med. Cougar saddle

    I tried it on, too small :( i want to buy a small and do the Liger-mod to it, so I'm selling this one for 140 bucks shipped I have pics if needed email me at
  18. GibsonTreeCare

    Petzl Ecrin Roc

    Yeah, it may not be the prettiest helmet out there, but man, I should have bought it sooner! The fit is incredible, with the 2 wheels adjusters you can adjust the nape strap and the headband individually. It is the only helmet that fits to a tee. I have a vertex vent and had a Kask, neither...
  19. GibsonTreeCare

    what do you like about your current saddle?

    Since it is winter, and I am pretty bored, (well, I do have a few jobs this coming week, so this is a good thing... ) I was thinking on why i climb in the saddles I do and what I like about them. currently, I climb in Petzl Sequoias. I like the fact that they fit very close to your body, no...
  20. GibsonTreeCare

    Petzl's rebuttal to the Kask

    Petzl\'s rebuttal to the Kask And who wants to bet it won't fall apart? I own a lot of Petzl gear, they make well made, well researched and thought-out gear!