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  1. colb

    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Other than vacationing on cruise lines, how is the covid-19 affecting us, and how should it affect us? I've stopped shaking hands, but I have to keep handling ropes, saws, and other stuff that my crew are handling as well. I have to keep pumping gas, buying groceries, etc. I was at a rec...
  2. colb

    Irrigation for multi-tree planting

    Hi folks, I'm writing up an estimate to plant about two dozen trees in an understory that I am clearing out. What irrigation system should I use, and how much of it should I buy? The polygon is essentially a dogleg left golf hole that is about 350 feet from tee to green, going around the bend...
  3. colb

    Tilia street tree in Brcko

    Hi folks, after doing my due diligence on the interwhatzitwebs, I am putting this out to you European buzzers, or those who wish they were. I have a client from Brcko who wants the same species of linden planted on her lot. I have two questions: 1. Which species of linden is in Brcko as a...
  4. colb

    North Carolina ornamental tree ID

    Hi folks, I'm in NC visiting friends and this tree that I ID'd before is giving me a headache. We do not have them in my area of Florida, with a possible exception or two and I can't ID the cultivar anyways. What are the options for my PlantANT search? The goal is to plant the same tree near...
  5. colb

    Best full body conversion harness, ANSI bucket compliant

    Hi folks, looking to move into a harness that includes an optional life support rated chest harness that can be attached and detached as desired. Needs to be ANSI bucket compliant. I have tried the Camp tree access evo saddle, which was pretty comfortable. I don't like the flat bridge with...
  6. colb

    I miss posting pictures on Treebuzz

    Anyone know what's up with posting pictures to Treebuzz? It's been crimping my style this year. I thought it was my old phone, but the same "oops!" notification pops up with my new phone. Seems like the size matters - I can take screenshots of my photos and post those, but who wants to do...
  7. colb

    What is this Bandit 90xp 37hp gas chipper worth?

    What is this 90xp worth? I have a price quote and want to know if I'm on point. Hours:unknown Engine: wisconsin 37hp gas v4 Quote from the rental store guy: "My mechanic says he thinks that it is a 39 or 40hp engine and has a new controller new engine block in 2006, a new starter 2013, main...
  8. colb

    PTO chippers

    I've got very basic questions about PTOs and PTO chippers. PTOs: 1. Why doesn't my ditch witch sk650 mini skid steer have a PTO? Why do tractors get them, but mini skids don't? PTO chippers: What is bad about using, say, a RAM 5500 or f550 truck PTO to drive a PTO chipper? Why don't tree...
  9. colb

    Milwaukee lithium tool lineup is going extra So, what will we see for arborists? Big saw for stump cuts? Can that drill with the clutch improve on the Superhawg for bracing or is it meant for different tasks? Will these tools be too expensive, or heavy?
  10. colb

    DMM Nexus swivel system safety notice
  11. colb

    Ditch Witch SK650 general discussion

    Just figured I would start this up for a few of us with sk650 machines. My initial question is what size chipper can I drag around with my sk650? I have a few upcoming jobs where I can use a small chipper and I need to know what to expect - if I'm on a hill, on the flat, etc. I'm planning to...
  12. colb

    Application calculation for 2x trunk tree based on diameter

    When a tree has two trunks emanating from the ground, do you guys think a rate calculation should be based on the cumulative diameter of the trunks, the diameter prorated from the cumulative area of their cross section, the circumference (representing cambium capacity?), the root zone, or some...
  13. colb

    Robocalls and junk email

    This is getting ridiculous. I have started answering my phone without using my name. I get about 5 robocalls for every new client. I just received a robocall from a robot that was a pseudoconversational white patriarch voice. I couldn't tell for sure that it was a robot until three...
  14. colb

    ANSI A300 part 9 2017 94.1

    "Obvious tree defects shall be considered at all levels of assessment." Does this seem overly compulsive? If there is an obvious tree defect upon a lower level of assessment and I am compelled to then assess at a higher level, who picks up the tomography tab?
  15. colb

    Cool ice pack or fan vest?

    It's 2019, and batteries are everywhere. The dude at yamaguchi garden service bought a fan vest - first I've seen of one. Anyone able and willing to compare them to the ice pack vests?
  16. colb

    Relative pricing of one task to another, expressed as ratios

    Got a bee in my pfannerbonnet today. Would you guys share your typical pricing schedules for regular tasks you do, relative to other regular tasks you do - expressed as a ratio. For instance: Removal:whole crown reduction prune in 1" wood, both for a 30" diameter tree in an open field...
  17. colb

    Transplanting large mature trees

    Hey guys, I just searched for this topic on treebuzz and got noped. I am starting a knowledge resource depository here about transplanting large mature trees. Please contribute the following, as able: 1. Which species allow for transplanting and which do not. 2. Knowledge resources -...
  18. colb

    I declined to take on a tree removal and it fell the same day.

    I rarely decline tree work - maybe 5-10 times over my 5.3 year career. Today, I showed up to estimate a removal that would require rigging off the tree and a TIP in an adjacent tree with a 1/4 dieback in the upper canopy. After quite a bit of consideration, I decided to decline and refer it to...
  19. colb

    How to prevent top handle exhaust from melting stuff when racking it

    Guys, I seem to have a gap in my Treebuzz education... I was using a Reecoil lanyard girth hitched to my top handle with a caribiner attached to the girth hitch. I would clip that to my right gear loop on my Onyx to rack the saw. Prior to that, I was trailing my saw below me on a dyneema...