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  1. colb

    Gorilla eye

    Did you read this, @conk ?
  2. colb

    Outta Gum

    Well, @Hedgeking, whose profile notes that they are from Ottawa, notes that we should be expulsing trees, as noted in their post that I quoted. I guess I just assumed that you were in close touch with them - I mean all Canadians know each other, right? There's not that many of you... - and had...
  3. colb

    Outta Gum

    This is OGX2 - Off grid original gangsta. @JeffGu will be by shortly to embellish. I can think of a dozen shitty puns, but I'm really just envious of the craftsmanship. This is where Quick Mike deserved to die in the movie Unforgiven.
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    Industry post Covid19
  5. colb

    Why You Should Hire a Tree Removal Company?

    Quit training the AI! :LOL:
  6. colb

    Outta Gum

    You need to expulse that shit, Ben. You've been removing this whole time - 18 years! Think of it! We should have been expulsing, with shears, like they do in "Ottawa" and the rest of Canada... :LOL: @CanadianStan has fact checked this, right Stan?
  7. colb

    ITCC 2020 Cancelled

    I'm just thinking of Forrest McCullough here in Florida who attained first place in our Florida ISA TTC. It may be too early to discuss these things, but will he and other contestants like him get their chance at eternal fame and glory in a subsequent year, or is it more of a hard cancel where...
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    I've been using echo tophandles for about 4 years now, with about two years on the echo 2511t. I started out with an ms192t with pico bar/chain. The 2511t with pico bar/chain is much lighter than the 192t and about as powerful. I do not make critical cuts with a tophandle - I go straight to...
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    We really need an "smh" emoji on this forum, @Todo10
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    Coffee Coffee Coffee

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    Outta Gum

    Great video, Ben. It's always interesting to see what you do to prevent euc branches from slipping out of rigging.
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    I'm working solo and feeling fine with telling consulting/removal estimate clients to back away to 6 feet. Going to increase it to 8 feet because 6 feet becomes 4 feet. People creep in, it's in their nature. With solo work, I've gotten to the point over the years where I can often take on...
  13. colb

    Plantation Rebellion: stealth tree planting

    It's even funnier when I read it aloud without translating it. Love it.
  14. colb

    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Greg, I read the article all the way through and cannot locate where it says that soap and water do not kill/disintegrate coronaviruses. I did locate where it says that the soap allows the virus to be washed away and I agree with that. As can be said in the general case, absence of evidence is...
  15. colb

    What was it realistically like your first couple years?

    Try to be intelligently disruptive. Can you specialize in reduction pruning, narrow access stump grinding, or phc? These markets are duds if you do not have the disposition to market them, or if the client base isn't there. There is always a way in that does not involve consensus.
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Maybe we can get the "landscaping" insurance rate since we are landscapers...
  17. colb

    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    What I'm seeing is that the large tree service employees may start incorporating small businesses or doing side work if their company shuts down. I think it's good because it creates isolation, but bad because they'll have to either incorporate or run their business under the table. It just...
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Our order makes no mention of our industry directly by name. There is a vague "contractors" clause: And this one, that gets me through: It seems like California is doing a better job of addressing our industry. On a side note, a friend of mine manages a bike shop. His business is...
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    It's definitely the local governments that are adulting.
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    How does Coronavirus COVID-19 alter our workflow?

    Our county just got sheltered in place, but I'm exempt. Hope my wood hauler shows up tomorrow morning...