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    Nasty Plant in Virginia Causes Severe Burns
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    TreeStuff Sale, 15% Off Harnesses, Comm Systems, Etc. until 6/1/18

    Use the coupon code 500 to save 15% on all saddles & harnesses, throwline & throw weights, and Bluetooth communication systems. This sale runs from now until 11:59 pm on Friday, June 1st.
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    TreeStuff Flash Sale! Rope Runner $275, Zig Zag $220, many other items.

    Hey, folks! I don't know if this is the right place for this, but I just wanted to mention it because I know the price of a Rope Runner or Zig Zag can keep some climbers on the fence about acquiring one, and sales are pretty rare. There's a bunch of other items worth looking at, too, and an...
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    Halfway decent Craigslist job offer, Rock Hill, SC.

    I was just noodling through some job listings for Buffalo, New York, and found this listing for South Carolina. Seems like a professional outfit, so I thought some of the more veteran pros might be interested. I don't think these guys are on the Buzz, so if anyone does decide to contact them...
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    Where did TonyK go?

    Hey guys, I was over at the TreeHouse forum trying to help a guy who's trying to make a stiffer tether for his Rope Wrench, and I thought that wheel had already been invented, so I told him about Tony Knight's great work in this area. I ended up posting links to the threads he'd participated...
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    They just did about 3 minutes of treetalk during US Open coverage!

    I was just watching a few minutes of the US Open golf championship, and was shocked to see a pretty good little video produced about the famous tree on the course, including its species name and its history. They also showed a couple of others at different courses. All of a sudden, golf just...