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  1. jcarufel

    Stihl ms 461 new model

    Yeah! The 461 really is the best saw they've ever made. Great fuel consumption, not bery heavy compared tot he big brother 660 and in my opinion, almost as much power as the 660. You won't be disappointed with one!
  2. jcarufel

    Cabling inspection and release

    Does anyone have a release they have their customers sign for cabling that has been performed on their tree? I am looking to write something up and wanted to know where to start. Obviously the need for reinspection is a must, what else should be on there? We aren't warrantying the cabling to...
  3. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    This is the first shot we took of the inside of the tree with a flash to see what we were even getting into. As you can see, it just keeps going!
  4. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    These are the Redwoods right next the Eel River in Leggett California. Super awesome beach and some awesome people. The second photo is on our way out of the Waterfall Tree. This "limb" is probably close to 10' in diameter if not more. Pretty crazy to see!
  5. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    Awesome man! That's great to know! We just want people to get outside and maybe do some really cool stuff while they are there!
  6. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    I really want to get back out there next year and go in deeper. We will see!! I had never in a million years imagined I would be descending that far inside a tree. I had heard rumors of a room at the top of the Stagg tree but not a massive cavity like the one in the Waterfall tree.
  7. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    Thanks man! Do you mean The Seekers Of or Bartlett?
  8. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    Our longest rope was 600'. Teufelberger KMIII Max. We also set our lines with the Big Shot. We used 2 6' poles instead of 2 4' poles to reach maximum height. The other guys used a modified cross bow that worked really well but it doesn't seem to have the same feel to it for me. When you are...
  9. jcarufel

    Website feedback

    Are those images from your actual company on your website? I'm not asking because of the lack of hard hats but you have an image on your site that was also on one of the previous websites mentioned. The image of the guy with the cowboy hat looking hard hat was used previous and it almost looked...
  10. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    Thanks Logan! Just get out there and do it man! Or hook up with someone that has the hook up!
  11. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    Here is a photo of Aaron Johns doing a nice photogenic limb walk. I am roughly 70' above Aaron in this photo. He and I were the last ones in these two twin trees and we just hung out and took our time getting fun photos and living it up! Look at how big Aaron is compared to the dead limb above...
  12. jcarufel

    Climb of a lifetime!

    Great job Jeff!! We just returned from climbing the Sequoias as well and they are amazing! We are from Michigan so I know exactly how you feel about the massive mountains and trees that us flat landers aren't used too. You and your wife did a wonderful job with the video as well! We found the...
  13. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    Just an FYI, all photo credits go to The Seekers Of. Check us out!
  14. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    So here are two photos from the trip. First is Wayne Ellison looking down from the mouth of the hole. I am about 30' below him at this point. As I descended into the hole, I could feel my chest getting tight and my breathing speeding up quite rapidly. I knocked on the trunk as best I could...
  15. jcarufel

    Largest Tree Ever Recorded

    I came across this post after we were out in California last week. It was good meeting you out there Gerry! I was wondering what happened with Taylors website or if it has been moved or something like that? Super interesting stuff guys! Thanks!
  16. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    Thanks guys! We just returned from the trip and it really was epic! The Sequoias were straight up adventure climbing! Massive dead wood, insanely huge limbs and trunks, huge open spaces between limbs, it was awesome! The Redwoods were cool but didn't hold the same aura about them. I will post...
  17. jcarufel

    Sequoias are tall!

    This is a little promo we made for our trip! Just for fun! We are leaving tomorrow morning for Utah and California! We are going to be climbing some big ass trees and then cloning them. Pretty pumped to be able to get on a project like this! Bartlett Arborist Supply, Archangel Ancient Tree...
  18. jcarufel

    Valley Uprising

    That is a stellar place to get married! I would be torn between El Cap or Zion for the best destination for a wedding! I was in the Valley when the government shut it down 2 years ago. I know what you mean about restrictions! They told us we couldn't climb, couldn't hike, or go out in the...
  19. jcarufel

    El Cap

    Honnold is wild man! Super chill but a beast when it comes to climbing. I have been day dreaming for the past couple weeks of going back to Yosemite. It's addictive bro!
  20. jcarufel


    Cool video man! We are going canyoneering next week with the Rock Exotica guys in Utah. It should be pretty badass! I started climbing all kinds of stuff after I learned some rope work. It's amazing the things you can see and find once you get off the ground!