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    Raccoon Ringworm parasite in the work environment I recently handled a baby raccoon that was found in a hollow tree we felled. I was vaguely aware of this disease but after a lot of reading I think all arborists should be aware of it. Most raccoons are infected and can be shedding...
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    Air pollution from saws and machinery

    I'm just wondering if anyone has looked into this themselves. I spend all day running a chainsaw or operating a diesel Kubota (we do land clearing for power lines) and want to look into this. I know exposure isn't that high, but it's chronic and over a career, and at higher levels than most...
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    3M Peltor WS-CUSH Bluetooth Headset This seems promising if the physical button on the muff can activate a walkie-talkie phone app like Zello. A phone is required for it to work at all, but I think Zello can...
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    Chainsaw Vibration and Hand/Arm Health

    Has anyone had success mitigating fatigue and inflammation in the hands and arms? I'm 32 and mostly fall trees to clear for new power lines. In some cases I'm cutting hundreds of trees a week with a skid steer slamming it all into a chipper as quickly as possible. Inflammation and weakness...
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    Job Finder subforum should require location in title.

    Would save a ton of time for everyone.
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    Need resume advice as a contract worker

    I've been working in this industry for several years now and I'm not sure how to make a resume of it. I guess it's really all been 1099 work or cash. I'm already just going to omit most of the outfits I worked with. But aside from that, I'm trying to figure out how to make a concise resume...
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    Sterling Tech11 Anyone have opinions on this line? Can't decide if its worth it. Biggest plus I would see is if a rig line is close quarters with a climb line and the groundies arent the brightest. Maybe it could resist the friction damage for a...
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    What shoes do you wear for limbwalking and non-removals?

    So far I really like 'approach shoes' from the outdoor world. They are kinda in between a rock climbing shoe and a hiking shoe. I got a deal on Five Ten Guide series of shoes, and definitely recommend them--
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    Getting the stink out of work clothes?

    Very basic question, but I'm really not sure what will work best. I soaked my shoes in rubbing alcohol last week (lol I know, internet advice) and its already coming back. My shirts would reek on their own after a day, and its starting to last through the wash. Maybe put stuff in the...
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    TAZ LOV2 descender

    There are more videos on that channel, but its mostly rope access, rescue oriented. The takeway is that you can use foot ascenders with a grigri style descender. for 10-11mm rope They seem to sell for around 155 euro / 180 usd, plus shipping. I'm looking for...
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    Shear Reduction Pulleys These are basically pulleys with sheaves that can't rotate. This would provide more friction than a rigging...