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    What’s your favourite lanyard set up

    Just started using this 2 in 1 lanyard and I love it, I saw it in a video from Lupillo Santiago.
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    Weaver Denali

    I work for Tree Wright Service they gave us Cougar saddles and every single guy hate it. Thanks to God they are going to replace them soon.
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    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

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    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    Those lines won’t move easy at least with a Hickory.
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    Buckingham Tree Squeeze

    I have one and I love it, I saw a tree climber using one pruning palms in California he got a few videos on YouTube. I’ve been using mine to do removals, mostly pines and Hickories here in Indiana. I feel safer cause tbh I am not good using spikes.
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    Retrievable Friction Saver Help!?

    I got those rings at Ace Hardware store for less than $1 they work pretty good, you can also use the rings from your throw bags.
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    Zig zag or spiderjack 3 ?

    How do you get up in the tree with the Spiderjack 3? I only use it for removals I know it’s a kinda big but I used it just in case, I have the ZZ too but I haven’t use them lately, where I work they use ropes with yes on both sides of the rope, I can set the Spiderjack but that’s not posible...
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    Monkey Beaver harness

    I just got the MB saddle and it’s awesome I was using the Cougar it was good but I love the MB. My boss told me about the decals he don’t like them, lol.
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    Delta link canopy anchor

    It is better than using just a ring with the alpine butterfly? Las couple weeks I’ve been climbing with a base tie or just with the running bowline, when I am up I like to use my cambium saver I can do as many redirects as I want, it works great.
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    I have the rope wrench and I been using the distel hitch, going to try the Kornel hitch tomorrow, I also have the zig zag but I can’t use it cause my rope has two eye splices, I like how the spiderjack works I climb SRT and then work DRT with the Spiderjack or the hitch climber pulley.
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    Compact Bulldog Bone

    I had the BDB for more than a year but I haven’t use it that much, where I work I had to use the Samson true blue and the Samson blue streak and I feeld them kinda tight, I’m going to try to use the BDB in my lanyard maybe it’s not a good idea but I’ll give it a try.
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    Aluminum carabiner with steel D rings?

    I tried the leg straps in three different positions and It didn’t work for me, I was really exited to use a saddle with a bridge, but I rather go back with the old leather Buchinham, you never know what you have until you lose it! Thanks to god Tree stuff didn’t have the Notch room pulley in...
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    Aluminum carabiner with steel D rings?

    Do I need to get a steel carabiner to use with the Steel D rings? Or I can use aluminum carabiners? I have the Buckinham D rings saddle, I been climbing with it the last two years, I work with another company now and they have the Weaver cougar saddle I heard good things about the bride saddles...
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    How many actual line clearance trimmers on site

    I know it’s and old tread but I am new to the forum, I been doing lin clearence for the last two years I love this job but I hate that they don’t let me climb SRT, one time I was using the zigzag and one guy saw me and he wanted to send me back to the he hotel, he said mechanical knots are not...
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    FS vs pulley saver

    Do you have a pic to see your friction saver? My coworker use two ropes one with a pulley and the other rope goes into that pulley, that works well but I don’t want to use two ropes.
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    The New Treemotion

    Thank you so much, will be nice if you could ad a prusik to make it adjustable, I have the Tree Squeeze from Buckinham and I love how you can set it anywhere but it’s not midline attachable.
  17. J

    The New Treemotion

    Where did you get that strap? I am using a webbing loop but I don’t like it, for now I am ascending the trees with SRT using the hitch climber pulley or the CBB, then I place my Buckinham friction saver in place and work DRT with the Spiderjack 3.
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    The New Treemotion

    I want to do one with a Big Dan carabiner and a X Ring attached with a sterling hollow block just like that one in those pictures, I want it to be midline attachable.
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    Hitch Climber Expertise Needed...

    Yeah, I’ll get one to see how it works with the hitch climber pulley, I have a couple non spliced ropes.
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    The New Treemotion

    So those rigs are not good as a cambium saver? I won’t use them anymore, as I said I get them to do light rigging. I am new with those friction savers I saw the velocity and I like it, I was trying to do mine, I saw a video on YouTube but that guy was using it with SRT