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  1. swingdude

    Beach action Barbados

    Just a peep at my daily grind.... It's a beach life most days.....
  2. swingdude

    Beach action Barbados

    Just a peep at my world.....
  3. swingdude

    Barbados....bird's eye view of paradise

    Here ya go short clip of my daily grind.....
  4. swingdude is still at it.... THIS dude is on something

    Have a watch....
  5. swingdude

    Sam jump and slide age 7

    Sam learning to jump out and descend on a wrench. Soon ready to hit a bullseye. Sam the Jam
  6. swingdude

    Pfanner gladiator climbing pants M waist XL length brand new.... SOLD

    Brand new grey pfanner gladiator climbing pants M with XL length. Fit me perfect with a 33" waist and are like 36"length. I am 6 feet. Asking 160 shipped. They sell for 220 at treestuff but they never have these length. Got them from treekit UK. Non chainsaw. Perfect for rec climbing or comps.
  7. swingdude

    Wedges.... let's see them..... your favs

    Lets get a wedge thread going and when you use them.
  8. swingdude

    Lost my finger tip

    Ok so nearly four weeks ago was working this ficus removal. Day 2 neighbour comes down on my job raging about protected tree. I whisk her off and continue removing some debris so I can continue cutting. Massive tree. Anyhow husbanf comes down and says the city has ordanances protecting tree and...
  9. swingdude this

  10. swingdude

    Drool MOFOS Drool....and WAIT

  11. swingdude

    Hey @Evo you know why I love the buzz?

    Because I troll through threads and find some really cool climbing gear. That others hate and I love. Just picked up 2 OG right foot pantins. One new the other used 10 times hardly a scratch. Now I own
  12. swingdude

    Ignore just bought 2 new. Anyone got a milled quickie they want to sell?

    Want to buy a milled quickie....anyone have one for sale?
  13. swingdude

    Custom Kiwi Klimbers Pole only plus spikescender *SOLD*

    Ok folks the stirrups are brand new....spikescender has some use and the titanium pole gaffs have slight use also but are like new....have no wear.... NOTE: These stirrups are my spares made with holes drilled slightly lower to create a better offset much like buckingham poles....I have another...
  14. swingdude

    Sold*Dmm Captain with 50' reep spliced $150

    Selling for $200 I pay shipping.....
  15. swingdude

    Sold*Dmm Captain with 50' reep spliced $150

    selling for $150 I pay shipping
  16. swingdude

    Swing's original SRT chesties *SOLD OUT....SORRY

    Ok so I will be Stateside next month...I will have about 50 chesties for sale at a low price of $30US which includes shipping....been using them for 4 years...if interested PM me.....paypal only