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  1. NickfromWI

    Loopie vs whoopie

    Whoopie, I’m my opinion, is way better than a loopie. You can unload a loopie when it’s under full tension. You cannot do that with a whoopie. love nick
  2. NickfromWI

    Splice a second bridge onto lower d's?

    How short do you want this bridge to be? My bridge is like 10-12 inches long. You can’t do two double braid splices PROPERLY and have it that short. Even 24” is tough
  3. NickfromWI

    Akimbo Pre Order Poll

    Dude if there’s something to be sold in El Segundo, I’m down. That’s where my office is.
  4. NickfromWI

    Akimbo Pre Order Poll

    For what it’s worth and I’m not sure it matters but I’m hearing rumors that WesSpur may’ve gotten in some trouble for offering them at a discount. Some people have been getting emails from wesspur saying they have to raise the rate to the $350 everyone else is selling it for. Rumor has it that...
  5. NickfromWI

    Akimbo Pre Order Poll

    I bought 6 from treestuff!
  6. NickfromWI

    New App for Tree and Lawn Proposals ~ Limbwalker

    Chris did you do some YouTube vids showing it in action? It’s a hefty upfront cost and we’re gonna need to be sold on the functionality before we commit! WhAts the app called? I searched “limbwalker” and nothing came up. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  7. NickfromWI

    New to splicing!

    My first high mod scissors sold for $600!! Now you can buy them for like $30...thank god! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro
  8. NickfromWI

    Please Please help!!!

    Hey everyone. That's a Victorian box tree. Sometimes aka mock orange. Botanical name Pittosporum undulatum based on how the edges of the leaves undulate. Good luck jake. Your landlord will need to have the tree appraised. Hope the neighbors don't get away with a slap on the wrist love nick
  9. NickfromWI

    new Akimbo for sale

    Holy crap Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. NickfromWI

    new Akimbo for sale

    Nah. It's super limited right now. There's literally one for sale in the world. Of course it's gonna go for a high price. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. NickfromWI

    new Akimbo for sale

    $450. Stephen Connelly is out so now this thing is as good as mine! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  12. NickfromWI

    new Akimbo for sale

    Dude the RE version isn't coming out for ages. Don't hold your breath! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. NickfromWI


    Michelle- last I checked arborgold was like $700,000 to get set up and you had to fly in a specialist from out of state. Is that the case? I always hated that there was no way to demo arborgold. It was a wing and a prayer commitment. Jobber was free to try then a pittance of a monthly...
  14. NickfromWI

    Throw line trick

    Nice find! Okay- so the diagram is calling it the loop trick. They are making a closed loop with the throwline and climbing line. There's a better way to do it. Limb loppa lets your YouTube skills! love nick
  15. NickfromWI

    Marketing tagline

    I think if your tag line is a pun, it makes you seem like you don't take this seriously. love nick
  16. NickfromWI

    Rehashing Contractor Insurance

    Yeah- all depends on what state you're in. Both insurances are super different. In California, yore required to have both if you want to do jobs greater than $500 and have employees. love nick
  17. NickfromWI

    Throw line trick

    I do what he's describing all the time. It's super easy to do. I thought of how to describe. I confused myself. I tried drawing a diagram... I realized I'd need like 7 diagrams and it would take and hour or two of drawrin to make it happen. I think I could make this YouTube vid pretty...
  18. NickfromWI

    What useful things can be made with 3/8 Amsteel

    "Requires" is such a strong word... love nick
  19. NickfromWI

    Do You Whip Your HTP?

    Splices? A stitched eye you mean? love nick