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    A write up I did about tree health and fertilization

    Applaud your courage to post this here. Truthly we would give you a failing grade. Fertilize is the last option in most every case. Liquid injection is a waste of non-renewable resources It is a misleading and dishonest to fertilize without proper tree and soil analysis. Many reasons for slow...
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    I was told their tongue is wrap around their brain and they sense the vibrations from the tongue against the brain to determine where the grubs are. All this nonsense and bickering to turn a tree. :fuckyou: to both of you. Just shut up and fn listen to each other and agree to disagree.
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    Make Us Laugh :)

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    New crane slings -- arbsession community project
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    A summing up? The Tale of a Workplace Injury, continued

    two tips is better than one. twss
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    ‘Keeper’ lanyard adjuster

    The beauty of the geckos toes is it is soversatile It will also hold biners well, so you can rack several biner and sling combos for speed lining. The Gecko will also stow a saw lanyard ring or biner on the top hook with confidence. The abiltity to quickly hold 100' or more of rope to get...
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    Homemade gaff guards

    Big shot tubing w tiny bit wood dowel. grips tight on its own. Add some throwline loops and biner for keeps.
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    Let's talk hardhats

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    Retrevial options for pulley saver

    Craft supply has wooden balls all sizes drill and feed throwling. cheap and cheerful
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    Documenting my hand-sewn eye process

    That with a several lock stitches is going to hold more than what is potentially going to rip you in half before it fails.
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    Advice needed on today’s bid

    Girdle it and tie/rig it to itself. Take the money. Pruning a top or girdling a top, is there much difference? Still better than removing a viable tree/positive contributor.
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    Video: Climber Tops Tree, Nearby Tree Hits Him

    first We walk the woods and push, pull, shake over stuff, dead, hangers etc
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    Video: Climber Tops Tree, Nearby Tree Hits Him
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    Squirrel Max climbers

    I'm looking for another to train a newb. If you hear of one let me know pls
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    Squirrel Max climbers

    They close up shop?