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  1. climbhightree

    Member of this site stuck on a cruise ship.

    Just spreading the word to hopefully get them some help. @LiTreeService
  2. climbhightree

    Crane accident...

    That is what I thought. The last time I used him was the first time he had the paperwork for us. I didn't really look at it, just signed. I trust Jerry enough not to screw me.
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    Crane accident...

    The front side says? Say HI to Jerry for me!
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    Crane accident...

    Was this Jerry? The last part is key to me: the crane op directed everything (size/weight, sling placement...and then having it moved down, and the cut point. Should have the climber known better, yes. But in my opinion fault mostly lays on crane op since he was directing. Anyone can stop a...
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    When did you take it? Just recently in State College, PA? I'm waiting to hear my results yet.
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    What size grapple saw

    I only run the Sg160, but at some point I'd like to get the sg280 for trunk wood (when working alone). For now, I just sling out the trunk wood or do bypass cuts. The sg220 should come with a 20" bar, instead of a 18".
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    Knuckle boom crane for sale

    You will probably get a far better, and wider, response if you started your own thread on this the crane section. There are quite a few of us on here that have grapple saw trucks...but most of us will want to respect the topic on this thread and not derail it :-) Start a new thread...
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    Branch Manager Grapple.

    I have quite a few videos on my channel showing the bmg grapple, some with the scoop and rake too. Just ignore the cheesy free YouTube music, watching them muted and/or high speed may be preferred. Just search YouTube for Climb High Tree Service is also in my signature
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    TCIA Expo

    I figured it was something like that. We were late last year due to a session too. The food was pretty much gone by the time we got there. We don't mind being late due to your session. Plus I figure a good third of us in the room will be late to the meet up also lol.
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    TCIA Expo

    Crap. Steve you are going to make us late for the mek meetup. ;) Who organized these 2 events, lol.
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    Scheduling and re-scheduling- advice needed!

    Oh and if we need more than our built in flex time....pretty much the whole list gets bumped.
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    Scheduling and re-scheduling- advice needed!

    This is what we do We are a 2 man operation though, and wife does the office work (scheduling, billing, accounting) part time...usually. Since July it has just been the 2 of us...thankfully I think we finally found a employee again. We rarely answer the...
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    Renting a treemek for the first time

    I see. I tend to be the other way, lol. Shackles on the endless, but none on the eye to eye slings. My eye to eye are only 6 and 12 feet, so I don't mind not having shackles on them. My endless ate 20' too.
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    Renting a treemek for the first time

    no shackles?
  15. climbhightree

    Renting a treemek for the first time

    Bigger wood I do tend to cut straight through. Just use 2 slings to prevent tipping and pinching...and if you have it pretensioned correctly it just slightly pops up and floats there straight above the stem (the best is when it is only an inch or less). A traditional overlapping snap cut...
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    Not sure what to say about all this. Curious as to how you found out from a potential customer what the winning bid price was, where your price fell, and all the other work details...on a job you lost. If information is from a friend of a friend etc, OK. If from you calling and asking, not OK...
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    2018 Vermeer S925TX mini skid

    Tempting since your so close, but my wife would kill me Plus I don't really Need it.
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    Or if your payroll is too low (one employee) you have to use the state 36%. I think you need to have 100,000 dollar payroll. We finally put myself and my wife on payroll so it was high enough to be able to shop for other providers. I'm not sure what we are paying percentage wise now...
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    Usable life of climbing helmets

    I have a hi vis kask manufactured in 2013 that had no hits on it. But you definitely hear cracking when squeezed. Oh and it has been mostly sitting in the shop for the last 3 years since I have my protos (was my daily helmet before) So just going straight on the 10 year life isn't smart either
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    My new knuckleboom

    I think Carolina truck is "Mekatron". Least that is what he has on his one video.