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  1. Nish

    Best Tree Service Websites

    It's time to overhaul to my little company's website. I would appreciate links to excellent and effective tree service websites that I might draw on for inspiration, maybe with a comment on what you find excellent about them. The websites don't have to be complex. I suppose they don't even have...
  2. Nish

    Treestuff's New Website

    It's too bad that the one thing you can't review on Treestuff is their new website.
  3. Nish

    Life at Bartlett, employee perspectives

    Hoping to get some feedback for what it's like, from an employee's perspective, to work for Bartlett. Will a young groundworker, with about a year of solid tree work experience, but who still wants and needs a lot of mentoring and hands-on-training, likely get it working at Bartlett? Does...
  4. Nish

    White Oak Leaf problem

    There is some fuzzy leaf gall on the undersides of some leaves (last photo), but something else must have caused the leaf browning and curl. Aphids?
  5. Nish

    Beech Bark Anomaly

    I took these photos of a client's beech tree (presumably Fagus grandifolia) in central NC (Hillsborough) today. The lower trunk had had a lot of ivy growing on it recently. I am not familiar with Beech Bark Disease and I don't know that I've seen other beeches with this kind of problem. Anyone...
  6. Nish

    Pull Testing Trees, risk assessment

    Does anyone know of guidelines or have advice about pull testing large trees for lower trunk strength? How much of a load should one put on a 50 foot tall 42" dbh oak with a hollow and thin-walled lower trunk, with the pull line installed, say, at 30'? I'd be interested in learning of published...
  7. Nish

    Performance Bonuses

    I'm looking for good ideas for structuring performance-based bonuses. What's worked well and what has worked not so well?
  8. Nish

    Evergreen Shrub ID

    This planted shrub is doing well in a NC backyard. What is it?
  9. Nish

    Baileys Sucked Today

    Who knew that Bailey's would charge me $120 for shipping and then hold up a $1500 order of chains, chipper knives, and supplies for two weeks because a few items were on backorder. I called during their business hours but no one picked up their phone. It took me about 30 minutes attempting "live...
  10. Nish

    Stihl Parts, online sources?

    I usually have to drive out to a Stihl dealer to get replacement chainsaw parts, and these dealers often have to order the specific parts anyways. The Stihl dealers closest to me do not specialize in saw repairs and my learned expectations for what they can do are low. Are there any good online...
  11. Nish

    Jobber plus Quickbooks?

    We're committed to Jobber, but the office staff is wondering whether it makes sense to try to add/integrate Quickbooks Online for better accounting features. Insights would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  12. Nish

    Climbing/PPE Gear for Small Bodies

    I'm looking for advice on the best climbing gear for a compact female climber. We particularly need help on the items for which fit is critical: helmet, harness, gloves, footwear, chainsaw protective pants.... The helmet should be compatible with the Sena system. It would all be for daily...
  13. Nish

    Bandit Chipper Winch, safety override?, speed modifications?

    The winch on our 12xp (less than a year old) is getting less use than expected. The operators are frustrated by its slow pull rate and way that it cannot be operated in conjunction with the feed wheel. These guys are used to working with older bandit chipper winches. Any thoughts on this? Anyone...
  14. Nish

    Treeage effectiveness of bark beetle attacked pine

    I've got a client with a 22" dbh loblolly with lots of pitch tubes on the lower trunk, though the canopy is still full and is healthy green. A large pine nearby has already died. The remaining pine would be a costly removal. Any info on the effectiveness of Treeage microinjections (or anything...
  15. Nish

    Phosphorous on Axe-Wounded Oaks?

    The discovery of a systemic fungicide that can be sprayed on tree trunks with a bark-penetrant is new to me. My general question is how widely people are using this stuff to combat various fungal and bacterial threats to trees, many of which are difficult to I.D. The label on Reliant (e.g.) is...
  16. Nish

    Spray Guns

    I'm looking to maximize the vertical reach of my 11.6 gpm 500psi sprayer. I've got on it a Green Garde JD9. Any suggestions?
  17. Nish

    Chipper Knife Sharpening options

    Where do folks send/take their knives to be sharpened? I had been sending my knives to Tree Stuff, but it looks like they've removed that service. I'm in central NC. I'd love to find a place to do this nearby, but I don't know how to find such a service.
  18. Nish

    Sherrill's Shitty Website

    Try shopping for a chainsaw bar under "chainsaw accessories" or "replacement parts." Call customer service and you'll get someone who has to run the same searches on the same shitty website. But she can't pronounce "Husqvarna" and she thinks you're looking for a "chainsaw barn". At checkout the...
  19. Nish

    Bucket Truck: Is this a fair deal?

    I'm unfamiliar with bucket trucks but I looked at this truck today and am hoping to purchase it early in the week. We've asked the seller to fix a few issues (replace a sensor, have the lift inspected) before we hand over the cash. I'd really appreciate any feedback as it's a fairly sizable...
  20. Nish

    5,000 lb. chippers

    What are the most productive chippers in the 5,000 lb weight class? At least half of properties we work on allow us to move our chipper right up to the work and leave the wood chips on site. For this we've been pushing around a Woodsman 730x (4,450 lbs) with an SK 1550. The mini then pull out...