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  1. KTSmith

    Starting new threads

    May I respectfully suggest that when folks start new threads, they title the thread with just a little bit of information. Simply calling a thread "Help" or "Confused" is not very helpful to me. How about "chipper handling" or "Brands of boots" or "leaf spots on Rhododendron". This is helpful...
  2. KTSmith

    Storm damage in Maine

    Many crews out and around in Maine and New Hampshire due to Sunday's storm. High winds! Here are a few views all within a few blocks of my house in the Deering Center neighborhood of Portland, ME. Anyone need higher resolution images, just drop me a line.
  3. KTSmith

    Veteran Trees in Brooklyn, 3/29-30/2017

    We will have a two-day workshop on Veteran Tree Biology and Care in Brooklyn, NY on March 29-30. Hosted by the Brooklyn Botanic Garden and Green-Wood Cemetery, we will look at survival strategies, response growth, and management. ISA CEUs are offered and the workshop counts as an elective course...
  4. KTSmith

    ASCA in Boston

    If any TBuzzers find themselves at ASCA in Boston this coming week, please say hello! This my first participation at an ASCA conference. Should be fun!
  5. KTSmith

    Tree injection summits

    TCIA has sponsored several sessions on tree injection with systemic chemical treatments and have called them "Tree Injection Summits". The first was several years back at TCI Expo in Charlotte, with additional sessions at the Morton Arboretum (Chicagoland), LA Arboretum, etc. with one coming up...
  6. KTSmith

    Who fertilizes the forest?

    I have a recent non-technical article on the topic at: The trade magazine mangled a sentence or two, but I think the sense is clear. As the article is about 4 MB, I thought I'd just post the link and not the text itself.
  7. KTSmith

    ANSI A300 Part 1--Pruning comment period

    The comment period opened on November 30, 2015 and closes on January 4, 2016 for the draft ANSI standard. Send comments to Bob Rouse at TCIA, My apologies if this has been posted elsewhere on Treebuzz. This is a pretty important document with the goal to: "unify and take...
  8. KTSmith

    How do you recognize a node?

    What does a practicing arborist recognize as a node on a tree stem or branch? Botanically, defining a node is simple and based on primary growth. In the seedling or newly emerging shoot, growth is from cells produced at the tip by the apical meristem. Based on the genetic program, a leaf is...
  9. KTSmith

    SoCal Tree Injection Summit May 29

    TCI is hosting a day-long session on tree injection at the LA County Arboretum on May 29th. This will be more-or-less similar to the pre-EXPO session this past November in Charlotte, NC. For more details check out I...
  10. KTSmith

    Rochester [MN] Arborist Workshop

    Later this week (February 27), Mark Chisolm and I will be presenting at the 2014 edition of RAW. For more information check out: Pardon me if the notice on this has already been posted! Thanks and maybe see you there!
  11. KTSmith

    Wood decay biology at Palo Alto, CA

    There will be a day-long session on wood decay fungus biology and the decay process in living and dead trees on October 4th at the Stanford University campus. Hosted by the Britton Fund, an arboricultural research and education non-profit outfit, this should be fun. For more details, please...
  12. KTSmith

    CA, HI Tree biology sessions in February

    The Western Chapter of ISA and a few other organizations are sponsoring some day-long tree biology sessions in late February in Hawaii and California. Some will be lecture-based, one in CA will be lab-based. Check out the chapter "events" page at for details...
  13. KTSmith

    Oak dissection lab--near Omaha, 9/21/2012

    I will be doing a day-long dissection session 9/21 at the Hitchcock Nature Center in Honey Creek, IA (quite close to Omaha, NE). This is part of the "New Tree School" program honchoed by Jack Phillips. We will look at external and internal characteristics of oak in relation to structure...
  14. KTSmith

    Community forest photo contest

    The U.S. Forest Service has recently announced a photo contest that might interest some of you. Check out Thanks for checking it out.
  15. KTSmith

    January 2012 Dissection Workshops

    The Western Chapter ISA is hosting 4 tree dissection workshops. The flyer is here: The two in Sacramento and San Marino (near LA/Pasadena) are sold out but the two in January in Phoenix (Jan 19-20, 2012) and Henderson (near Las Vegas...
  16. KTSmith

    Prairie Chapter ISA TCC and Conference Sept. 10-14

    To be held in Winnipeg, MB. Should be fun! For details, check out:
  17. KTSmith

    Historic Tree Preservation, Virginia, Nov. 30

    The National Park Service is putting on a Historic Tree Preservation Workshop in Fredericksburg, VA on November 30 to December 2, 2010. Note that the meeting announcement states that "no previous tree care knowledge is required", so that at least some of the presentations will likely be pretty...
  18. KTSmith

    CTPA Compartmentalization workshop May 20, 2010

    The Connecticut Tree Protective Association is hosting a workshop on compartmentalization at the Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington, CT on May 20th. I'm expecting to do some autopsy/dissection stuff. Should be fun! More information is at...
  19. KTSmith

    Western Chapter ISA Conference and Trade Show 2010

    The 76th Annual Western Chapter ISA Conference and Trade show will be in Tucson, AZ, April 28 -- May 1, 2010. Should be fun!
  20. KTSmith

    Michigan Green Industry Assoc. Trade Show 2010

    To be held in Novi, MI on March 1-2. More details at: More than just trees, with landscaping hardware / hardscape stuff / big machines as well. Should be fun! John Ball and Chris Luley are on the educational program (as well as me!).