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    Happy New Year

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    Hope forests

    :sisi: Please post it up when you find it.
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    Happy Thanksgiving!

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    Rude Fucker!

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    Rain/me today:)
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    Toxic Pwr Saws RISK to Workers

    for your edification. If its not a problem for you, bugger off. If you spend time in enclosed yards, dead space etc we should pay attention to document. With this you also should be aware that using a blower and dust from roads and even lawns can be worse. Look after yourself cause your...
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    Improved Access and work ladder

    Love the look of this. Mount to skid steer? wt of vehicle min 1500lbs meets all the standards How come this hasn't come up before? What do you guys think?
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    Spiderjack spring atlernative/fix

    Bit of rubber tubing3/8" and a plastic bit for rigidity. Few weeks old, looks like it will hold up well. This is the actual replacement
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    SOLD Petzl Sequoia SRT harness for sale.

    Great shape, not used much, purchased spring 2017 for apprentice and used for few months till he left for a muni job. fits me at 36" waist with room to spare. $ 350.00 Cdn
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    One is none, two is one and three is WON?

    Convo to see if we can save lives through the addition of third TIP when the back up is disconnected. The third is used in the transition. The term comes from the Navy Seals and refers to tools or gear but for us it represents LIFE TIPS.
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    Fall Webworm Rash

    Caution :mad: Can be very ouchy, scritchy scratchy and intense. If it gets you through your shirt. Wash it off and change.
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    Small Hand fed Chipper

    The largest infeed opening matched with the best engine/horse power. Who has gone down this road recently?
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    Hollow logs to interesting Planters

    Old lump of apple home for lots flora and fauna Big old Silver planters Crab Apple grafts up is down Old Norway Spruce shades and water runn off to flora
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    Over the tire chains, tracks options?

    Any recommendations for mini skids/wheel loaders would be greatly appreciated. Thanks tom
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    Environment friendly Hydraulic Oil?

    I work on some environmentally sensitive areas/nature preserves etc. Any one with recommendations for enviro friendly hydraulic oil for use in mini loaders. Any experience with enviro oil in freezing temps is appreciated. Thanks
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    Rock the Rocker

    Love this tool. Used it a ton Gentle on rope Easy on and off Holds tiiighht Slides well when needed Very nice multi purpose tool Highly recommend Was a gift from ISC initially to be used on a harness we were building from scratch. Thanks ISC. Type of tool u should be confident purchasing. Mb...
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    Bar oil/friendliness
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    Endophytes and leaves?

    Anyone with any info on inoculating leaves of trees with endophytes?
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    Inexpensive Visor

    Less than $16. Will be replacing the Ss bolts with Nylon. Works fine see how well it lasts