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  1. countryboypa31

    Lower able basal system

    Here you go. A very simple system using stuff we all have. Also rather versatile. I like that it gets away from cutting anything. Let me know what you think.
  2. countryboypa31

    Nj work day?

    The New Jersey workday is normally the first Saturday in December That would mean it's December 5 can anybody confirm the date and location for me I'd like to participate again!
  3. countryboypa31

    South jersey, need bucket operator

    Jason pilla tree specialist is looking to hire full time bucket operator! If your in south jersey or thinking of a move to the area hit me up or contact him directly. He's is one heck of a great boss, I was glad I got to work with and for him! 267 S Mannheim Ave Egg Harbor City, NJ 08215 (609)...
  4. countryboypa31

    Minimalist Lowerable Basal Tie Off

    Here is my minimalist lowerable basal tie off system. It requires a long rope, but nothing else. I've been using it for a while now, and the guys at work have lowered me in different scenarios (multiple unions, single union smooth bark, etc.) works well. Key features: It uses the tail of your...
  5. countryboypa31

    2-1 Lanyard

    Heres a closer look at my lanyard and the functions it serves.
  6. countryboypa31

    Rope Walker with the Rope Runner

    Title says it all. But it can be used with multiple SRT set ups.
  7. countryboypa31

    2 Part or 3 Part lines

    How do you guys tie in to a crane ball when its running a multi part line? Does it differ from 2 part or 3 part?
  8. countryboypa31


    I talked with Tim Bushnell this weekend and the point of how confusing acronyms are becoming. He said that for the purpose of ITCC rules they are just going to start writing it out. After seeing a few of these threads i have to completely agree. Why not just spell it out since we are creating so...
  9. countryboypa31

    Advancing SRT with Basal anchor

    Nothing ground breaking. Very simple. Am often asked about how to advance when using a basal anchor with slwp. Welp here it is. Advancing SRT with basal anchor
  10. countryboypa31

    RWing in a large Maple

    RWing in a large Maple Crown clean deadwood, storm damage, and light thinning on the ends to try and prevent future limb failure from snow and ice. Need to work on my editing, its my first helmet cam video. Hope you enjoy! Critic away...
  11. countryboypa31

    Ansi Z133

    Is there anywhere to download the current Ansi Z133 standards online? I want it on my computer. This year for safety meetings were going to break it down and go through the whole thing. Wanna be able to put it on a projector for everyone to read. Thanks
  12. countryboypa31

    Shizll, for shizll.

    Short little video. Shizll balancing.
  13. countryboypa31

    Results from ITCC prelims?

    Who made it? Lets hear from those there?
  14. countryboypa31

    Bucket truck: level or all wheels on the ground?

    I''m looking for a manual on proper bucket truck set up for a safety meeting topic. I've heard it say that you shouldn't have your wheels off the ground, but then its not always possible to get level. So which is more important getting it level or keeping all wheels on the ground? Also does...
  15. countryboypa31

    Knuckleboom lift chart

    I want to know how to read a knuckleboom lift chart. Since there is so much variation in how you can make a lift, i want to know at what point is it strongest? We have a cable on ours. Its a small National N50. Just want to learn a little more about it.
  16. countryboypa31

    2-1 lanyard

    This shows my lanyard set up. Some subtle differences but really makes it very versatile and functional. I've had a couple people ask about it and found it just as easy to share it in a video. 2 in 1 lanyard
  17. countryboypa31


    Spderjack 2.1 used twice. Selling for a coworker. He doesn't climb enough to learn to climb with it. Is looking for $300. Ill pay shipping
  18. countryboypa31

    Zk-2 rope wrench short video about setup

    Here is a short video showing my set up as well as showing some problems trying to blend an old set up. Zk-2 rope wrench
  19. countryboypa31


    Is anyone going early for the CTSP class? I'm looking for a place to stay or someone to split a room with for during the CTSP class. i think its tue night and wed night.
  20. countryboypa31

    Rigid rope wrench tether

    Here is a short video of my rigid tether for the rope wrench. rigid rw tether