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  1. TreeLogic

    Aerial Bucket Cover

    What's your favorite? Looking for something I can drive around with.
  2. TreeLogic

    MCRS Suspender Mod...

    Stole some stuff off an old saddle today and did a little sewing. The Speedy Stitcher is a good tool! Anyway, this mod might be a little overkill, but my Buckingham Retrofit Suspenders which have been sitting forever, are now retrofitted to my harness. And it's a good thing, because this saddle...
  3. TreeLogic

    One-Handed Chainsaw Harness Clip

    How do you guys set this up where you stow your chainsaw at your hip one-handed?
  4. TreeLogic

    Sun Scald

    Trying to understand this a little better. Does it happen to certain trees worse than others? If so, what bark characteristics are more inclined to damage? Is it like sunburn in humans in that a resistance can be built up, similar to people gaining more pigment in the skin? Anything else to...
  5. TreeLogic

    Why We Tie-in Twice...

    Pretty tough to watch but hopefully this will keep someone else from making the same mistake(s).
  6. TreeLogic

    Any idea what this is?

    Small tree looked tropical, maybe 15' tall...
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    April Fools Pranks
  8. TreeLogic

    Preferred Method of Dirt Removal for Final Stump Cut

    I carry a sharp hatchet around with me and chop off any dirt laden bark where I'll be making a final stump cut. What is your preferred method of dirt removal to keep your saw chain fresh and clean?
  9. TreeLogic

    Proper Chainsaw Positioning and Usage

    Anybody have a link to documentation of good chainsaw usage? I'd like to have something to back me up when I try to teach my guys good technique, and they complain that it's uncomfortable, or they've seen guys doing it this way or that. I know the manuals state to not stand over the cut, but...
  10. TreeLogic

    Bandit 1290H Drum

    This chipper has an anvil... right? If so, where is the location? First drum I've used by the way. Thanks in advance.
  11. TreeLogic

    High Power Line Workers

    Say what?!?!?
  12. TreeLogic

    Lost Leg in Chipper but Still Climbing

    This is a bittersweet story. I'm putting it in the Awakenings section to remind people to keep your feet out of the chipper.
  13. TreeLogic

    200T Engine Rebuild

    Thinking about rebuilding a couple of dead 200T's. Just wondering if any of you have done it and is it worth the time and $. Would be doing it myself and I have plenty of spare parts.
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    Rain Rain Go Away

  15. TreeLogic

    Guide Bars Damaged Before their Time

    I have an MS460 that got beat up a little by a falling tree trunk. Nothing major, still runs fine, but I replaced the handlebar. So, this thing seems to go through new bars and chains pretty quickly, cutting great at first, but then starts to bind up in the cut like it's curving. Is it possible...
  16. TreeLogic

    PortaWrap for SRT Basal Tie?

    This crossed my mind the other day. Any reason why this wouldn't work? Seems like in a rescue situation the groundies would already have a better understanding? Maybe have a separate PW for climbing? Seems it could be easier than some of the complicated setups I've seen. Thoughts?
  17. TreeLogic

    Petzl Vertex Vent - Eyes and Ears

    Having trouble finding good ear muffs and mesh face shield for the Vertex Vent? Thanks to swingdude (Paul D) for this tip. He told me to try it awhile back. Took me awhile but worth the wait. Props to ya P Diddy! (y) I hope it looks Stormtrooperish enough for you. So, get yourself the...
  18. TreeLogic

    Jonsered CS2188

    My groundie found this craigslist ad the other day and we looked into it: "Tree Man Needed To Finish Job (Johns Island) I have a dead tree that a "WANT TO BE" tree man worked on for about 7 hours and we came to the conclusion that he was...
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    Can Branch Tissue be Happy or Sad?

  20. TreeLogic

    This guy cracks me up