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  1. JMerritt

    This is the Akimbo

    The Akimbo is a mechanical multicender I've been working on for the last couple years or so. at the moment i have several hand made prototypes and a patent pending, and I've been working with a cnc shop to make a first run. what i wanted was an SRT device that does it all. midline attachable...
  2. JMerritt

    a question about hitch cord

    im wondering about the use of new england's endura braid as hitch cord in competition. i have been using it day to day for quite some time and i really love how it performs. im curious if it is legit since it is not specifically made for tree work. i was allowed to use it in the CAA Invitational...
  3. JMerritt

    some vids of mine

    been having fun with the camera and thought id post a few here. first one is longest. fir tree removal (partial) in a state park, they wanted the stem to stay for wildlife.
  4. JMerritt

    nature first tree care hiring sales person

    ive worked for these guys for 5 years. were in santa cruz, ca. and were hiring for the san jose area. any one interested let me know. jaime LANDSCAPE AND TREE CARE SALES Do you like to sell? Are you good at it? Do you have a successful sales track record? If so, we’d like you to consider...
  5. JMerritt

    treeflex wanted

    so, i've decided to buy a Treeflex. before i go to baileys i thought i would see if anyone here has a size small they wish to sell. they are $380 @ baileys right now also love to hear any feedback from those who have used the TF. jaime