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  1. Adrián Ornelas

    Latin American TCC

  2. Adrián Ornelas

    1st Latin American Tree Climbing Chapionship

    Next week we will be competing in Medellín, Colombia...
  3. Adrián Ornelas

    My first splicing steps

    Hi I've made an eye to eye prusik with a 3/8 diameter 12 strand polyester Pelican rope, and I have some questions that I really appreciate if anyone of you want to help me. I follow the Samson rope's splicing instructions to do it, and I don't know why, but the two tapered ends of the rope...
  4. Adrián Ornelas

    México TCC

    Campeonato Mexicano de Trepa de Árboles Asociación Mexicana de Arboricultura (AMA). ISA-Mexico Chapter. 2016 - Primer Campeonato Mexicano de Trepa de Árboles Location: Parque Agua Azul. City: Guadalajara. State: Jalisco. (16 competitors) Men Master's results: 1st. Wagner Velazquez 2nd...
  5. Adrián Ornelas

    Edelrid Tree Core Harness

    Hello. I'm new in the forum. I'm from Mexico City and my english is very bad, so I apologize about that. I recently have buy a Edelrid Tree Core Harness, it's better compared to my old Camp Access Harness (which had no bridge) but I'm not entirely satisfied whit it, because: 1) It has a double...