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  1. NickfromWI

    Nick's Splicing Desk

    Here's what my splicing desk looks like What's yours look like love nick
  2. NickfromWI

    I made national news: NPR

    Tiny story about trees and the pending El Niño. Nothing too crazy, but it's neat to hear! love nick
  3. NickfromWI

    Come drag brush with ACTUAL arborists in Los Angeles!!

    Do you have dreams of becoming an arborist? Do you want to live near the beach? Do you like thorns? Well do I have a job for you! In all serious- we're looking for a new ground guy (or gal). Posting starting pay is low, but if you got skills, you'll be compensated properly. We are a...
  4. NickfromWI

    Would You Treat This Leaking Magnolia

    What would you do to this tree? love nick
  5. NickfromWI

    Clean up my Double Bungee Ropewalker setup

    What can I do to make this better? love nick
  6. NickfromWI

    Coast Live oak pest

    I've see these oaks (Q. agrifolia ) with spots of dead leaves. Finally got a call from a lady wondering what's the deal. Pull some samples and did some twig dissection. Any idea what I'm looking at? love nick
  7. NickfromWI

    Tree Climber on TV!

    Local PBS did a show on measuring big trees. You can see me at the 8:20 mark love nick
  8. NickfromWI

    Tekichu Throwline Launcher

    Better than the big shot? love nick
  9. NickfromWI

    New Tribe Onyx Harness

    Anyone seen this one yet? love nick
  10. NickfromWI

    Vertical Mulching: how to fill the holes.

    So I've been selling more and more vertical mulching jobs. Have 3 this week. It's got me thinking- what's the best way to fill the holes? What I am doing now is super slow. If working by myself I will airspade a couple rows of holes 12-24" deep. Then when I want a break I grab a bucket of my...
  11. NickfromWI

    Help a Declining Sequoia

    Anyone have an idea on what might be causing this and what could be done to treat it? love nick
  12. NickfromWI

    PPE for AirSpade/AirKnife work

    For those of you that do this type of work, what do you use? I've done a few jobs now and we go with one of these, and one of these And I have a cloth hanging from the back of it so the dirt don't fall down the back of my shirt. I throw on some ear plugs, gloves, long sleeve shirt...
  13. NickfromWI

    Real Green software

    Saw a few guys talking about Real Green. Here's the link... Has anyone used this one yet?
  14. NickfromWI

    Jobber Software

    nuthin_special mentioned some software called Jobber Demo Here: Looks like it's about $29/month plus another $9/month for extra users.
  15. NickfromWI

    Sequence: Nick vs Karina VIDEO

    So the other day the wife and I are playing the game of Sequence. We just recently heard of the game and we are extremely addicted. Well, we got to a point where we both thought we won and we had a fun argument (not and angry screaming and yelling argument- just a goofy, fun...
  16. NickfromWI

    Friend in New Haven, CT w/ broken oak

    Any tree guys in the area want to do this big oak removal. It belongs to a friend and he said everyone is so busy now that the only customers that are getting work are people that "know someone." Here's a pic... Text me if you wanna get involved.
  17. NickfromWI

    Blue Moon Splice Vid

    Thought I'd share this vid:
  18. NickfromWI

    Sequoia SRT Harness Review youtube vid

    Check it out and let me know what you think... love nick
  19. NickfromWI

    Yale Cordage Contest!!!

    Gentlemen and Ladies- Yale has released their latest catalog. They've come up with a contest to get us all to read the catalog more. The winner gets an all expense paid trip to climb a Giant Redwood!!! Click hereto see the official contest on Yale's site. Everyone wins stickers and $10 off...
  20. NickfromWI

    WTB- Petzl Pantin

    Got a Petzl Pantin that you don't really use? I'll buy it from you or trade for some splices... love nick