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    Treetopia Edit: y’all need to relax. Also your definition of ‘phishing’ is a little off. It’s an event, if you don’t want information about it don’t put in your email address.
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    NEW TreeStuff Website!

    We’ve completely overhauled the TreeStuff website, and we are REALLY excited about it. A lot of people worked their butts off to evolve our site with a new design and a ton of new features that will make it easier to browse and place orders. Please bear with us - we may still be going through...
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    ISA/CTSP CEUs Available at Jambo 6

    If you're looking for a way to rack up some CEUs we can help you out with that. If you volunteer at TreeStuff's Jambo 6, you can earn 15 ISA/CTSP CEUs. Volunteers will help set up the competition and run the events to ensure safety for everyone. After the competition, 5.5 CEUs are available for...
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    June TreeStuff Webinar Offering 2 Free CEUs

    Hey everyone! We've got a great webinar coming up on Thursday the 27th I wanted to let you know about. ISA Board Certified Master Arborist and Urban Forestry Specialist at Purdue University Lindsey Purcell will present "Pruning for Performance and Prevention." "Pruning to improve performance...
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    Reno TreeStuff Party - March 16th

    Attention Reno area! Reno arborist Rick Teinert is hosting a TreeStuff Party on March 16th and everyone is invited! This Party starts at 11am and will be at: Idlewild Park 2055 Idlewild Dr Reno, NV 89509 TreeStuff Parties are completely FREE recreational climbing meetups hosted by local...
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    King Of The Canopy - Format of the Future?

    King of the Canopy is probably my favorite tree-related event ever. I had a blast planning it and a blast watching it all play out. If you haven’t seen it already, here is the phenomenal video of the event created by Day’s Edge Productions. The film covers more than just the competition, but...
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    Jeremy Tibbets: Obituary

    Our friend Jeremy Tibbets died on Saturday. Here is the obituary reposted from the A Plus Tree Facebook To all our friends, dear clients, valued partners and fellow tree community members: It is with heavy hearts that we share the tragic news of our...
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    Join Us at Boost Fest at the TCIA Expo

    If you’re coming to Columbus for the TCIA Expo, you should join us Friday night for Boost Fest. TreeStuff and ArborPlus Boost are co-hosting the biggest TCIA afterparty ever. We’ll have free drinks and food, plus $500 raffle prizes every half hour. You’ll have a chance to chat with me and the...
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    JAMBO 4 - 2017

    Congratulations to Jambo Champion 'TreeCutter' Doug Tochtrop, and his partner and runner up Ryan Torcicollo! Full scores and places here:
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    Fallen Climber Graphic/Song/Story - Green Bar

    Hey guys, Im looking for a graphic that has been widely used to represent a fallen arborist. It is a silhouette of an arborist with a green bar across it. There is also a song and a backstory that goes with this image. I am embarrassed to admit I cant recal the details or find the image/song...
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    TONIGHT: FREE Cabling and Bracing Webinar with 2 Free CEUs

    We're hosting a free webinar streaming live on our facebook page tonight at 7pm eastern time. Nick Araya from TreeCareLA is going to be Skype-ing in from the west coast to talk about why and when you should cable, different techniques to use, the difference between steel and dynamic cabling...
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    Arb Trek 2017

    Come compete in TreeStuff's Amazing Race sytle event in Pittsburgh. Travel across the city with teammates, solve grand scale puzzles/riddles and climb trees to find new clues. 3 Treks over 2 days with big prizes!
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    JAMBO 2017 Volunteer Sign Ups

    Jambo 4 is coming up, and we're looking for people to help make it happen. If you're interested in volunteering, fill out this quick form - Jambo wouldn't be what it is with the awesome support of our judges and volunteers. We're constantly working to...
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    New Choking Crane Sling Stays on Hook

    Really excited to talk about these new crane slings we are working on. Help us come up with a name (or just vote for soft claw)! If we choose your suggested name, we will send you one in the length of their choice. Scotty Olson and Justin Mcvey have been testing these for us and they love them!
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    FREE Plant Health Care Webinars -

    We're going to be live streaming two PHC webinars, March 22 and 23, 7pm eastern. It'll be streaming on the Facebook page: They'll be hosted by PHC specialist Albert Cooper. He's been in the green industry for 14 years, he's a certified arborist...
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    Toggle Knot Development - Thoughts?

    What do you guys think of this:
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    Updated Quickie Technical Notice

    On November 4, 2016, we learned of an issue with the cast (Version 2) Singing Tree Quickies. We released this Technical Notice 1 to address this issue. In the days following the release of this technical notice, we learned of a related issue with both the milled (Version 1) and cast (Version 2)...
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    Permanent Price Decreases

    WARNING: This is NOT a sale. It's a permanent price decrease. We're lowering the price on a bunch of awesome products! Forever! Saluting Branches Rope - Was $1.01/ft, Now $0.91/ft Super Classic Foot Ascender - Was $69.95, Now $59.95 Bonner Double Bag - Was $59.95, Now $39.95 TreeU...
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    Welcome To Rope Logic

    We're rebranding our splicing department from ABR to Rope Logic! ABR was always just a random set of letters, and we think Rope Logic is a super cool name. Rope Logic reflects what we do best (ROPE) and the thought and innovation that we put into our purpose-built products (LOGIC). Rope Logic...
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    TreeStuff Jambo Live Stream!

    We're broadcasting live from Jambo RIGHT NOW! All Gear is sponsoring the live stream from Jambo! We'll be streaming for a few hours today, then throughout the competition this weekend. ISA Certified Arborists can receive CEUs by watching the live...