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  1. Barc Buster

    CMI Holdway

    Not too much information out there about these yet. Who has one? What do you like or dislike about them?
  2. Barc Buster

    Teufelberger Drenaline 11.8mm

    Any long term use input? Looking to maybe use it with an adjustable Bulldog bone. Also how is the hand? Similar to other Kernmantle ropes? I wasn't impressed with the knotability of the short hank of Yale Scandere I got to try out. How does the Drenaline compare in that regard. I climb both srt...
  3. Barc Buster

    Hitch Hiker II Brand New

    New never used hitch hiker II with 9mm RIT. $150
  4. Barc Buster

    Haas Velox

    A little dirty but lightly used. $140 PayPal friends and family.