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    Filter That Fuel!

    I wanted to do a quick post on how to add a proper fuel filter to trucks or equipment. If you already have a system or know how this is not meant to be an insult. I just wanted to post some part numbers for those who are inclined to do this for themselves. On most anything diesel you have a...
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    Anybody with a helmet to sell?

    I am looking for a used climbing helmet.
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    CE Lanyard Rope

    I think I found the manufacturer of the CE lanyard rope. It is listed as 11mm in the tefulberger specs but it feels smaller. This manufacturer lists it as 10mm. The 10mm rope has a stronger rating than the 11mm tefulberger rope. This is also the same company that makes the reep schnur 10mm rope...
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    Casanova's Case Studies

    Because everybody has been so helpful with the other case studies, I want to make a series. I have been removing trees from my property that are rotten or leaning over my house. I am keeping my lot covered in trees by planting trees that have characteristics that I like. I recently purchased...
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    5/8 Tenex

    I have a lot of brand new 5/8 tenex 12 strand. It has an MBS of 17400lbs. It splices very easily and is great cordage for slings. I am willing to sell any length of it but I would like to entertain trades first. I am looking for splicable hitch cord (oceans, epicord, armorprus, reep schnur) or...
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    The discussion about the snip has got me thinking that others could benefit from a hernia discussion as well. I am grateful for everybody advice on the snip. I will never get it done. In April of 2017 I was in a read end car accident. A large SUV hit the back of my wife's car with us in it. We...
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    Smarty Plants I was listening to Radio Lab and this weeks story was pretty interesting. I think the arborists out there will too.
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    Smarty Plants I was listening to Radio Lab and this weeks story was pretty interesting. I think the arborists out there will too.
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    High Efficiency Washing Machine Fix

    I am posting this here because I know that many of you probably have this problem. You work in your clothes, get them dirty and the new high efficiency washing machine does not get them clean. I figured out how to fix the machine so that it works properly. You will need 2 DPDT switches. My 30...
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    Keeping Plants Warm

    This is what happens when an electrician needs to keeps his citrus plants warm when it gets cold. Incandescent lamps to the rescue.
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    Tree Climbing Club

    Are there any climbers interested in starting a tree climbing club for Alachua County Florida? I love to climb but I can't find anybody around here that is interested. I would like to start a monthly meetup where we can go to various parks and woods to climb for the day. Does a club in one of...
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    Lazy or Clever?

    I recently purchased a brand new rollgliss R500 with 450' of static rope. It has a hand crank for lifting. I took off the hand crank and coupled a cordless drill to the gear box. The drill on low speed worked fine for lifting me (180lbs plus gear). The motor did not get hot and I climbed 60' in...
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    Rec Climbing In North Central Florida

    Is anybody interested in rec climbing in north central Florida? There are lots of good live oaks here and my wife is afraid of heights. I love to climb and have extra gear; at least one extra complete set and a few odds and ends. Let me know if anybody want to organize a monthly meet up for this?