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  1. Barc Buster

    Rigging cookies for tight spots

    I like that you fabed something up from stuff you have. I've use rafting dogs I inherited from my grandpa a couple times. Similar to these: Usually just use a short length of 1/4" fiberglass marking stake for the ol teeter...
  2. Barc Buster

    880 mod

    On the bars you can get an adapter to run stihl mount bars on large mount Huskies. The 3120 is a helluva saw if you do have to replace the 880.
  3. Barc Buster

    880 mod

    Don't let Rico's husky hard on discourage you lol. A good 880 should pull a long bar fine. Maybe you have something else going on. I'd recommend talking with the fellas over at the ope forum. Tell em the woodpecker sent ya. Pull the muffler how does the piston look? Take a pic and post it here...
  4. Barc Buster

    Camp Gyro 3-way swivel

    I think they call that a rock exotica omni mini;)
  5. Barc Buster


    In the chip truck. We call it "chip check" and yes hang a tarp. No chip truck? No problem. Save a gatoraid bottle and piss in that in the truck.
  6. Barc Buster

    Advice needed on today’s bid

    These words to me are where I usually move on from a potential customer. Unless it's a situation I feel is an act of charity I feel like, I'm the boss I can pick and choose who I work for. Have some self respect. Do good work for a cheap skate and they will refer you to their cheap skate friends...
  7. Barc Buster

    If you have a skid I want your opinion

    I think they have, but I'm not sure. I'm rocking a little dingo 220. I don't run into too many gates narrower than the 40" width of my machine.
  8. Barc Buster

    If you have a skid I want your opinion

    The boxer 700hdx has an expandable undercarriage. There may be others.
  9. Barc Buster

    Swurfer installation

    What's the tree species? If you stick to manufacturers specifications and just use rope over the branch, maybe use a running knot (eg. Running bowline) so the loop can expand with branch growth. Sorry if that was already suggested. Sleeve would be a must as has been mentioned. For liability...
  10. Barc Buster

    Moss Cinching Lanyard prototype

    AJ, I'm really digging this thing! I cinch a lot with a crab/quickie and can definitely see the value in your lanyard setup beyond that. Nice work man and I'd love one if you do make a production run! Brad
  11. Barc Buster

    vermeer vs brush bandit

    Was gonna say the same thing. The 65 that I use has a 6x12 opening. Maybe your thinking of the shitty vermeer 6" unit @evo
  12. Barc Buster

    Best Gloves for Climbing?

    Ffs why don't you all give them a try and see for yourselves. Unless you have gtfo with your noise. I have a couple pair in rotation at a time. It's hard to say if its precisely 2 months on the dot. But this pair has been kicking around for a long time. Gasp maybe its only been 6 or 7 weeks...
  13. Barc Buster

    Best Gloves for Climbing?

    These cut resistant ones hold up better than the normal ones. When the neoprene starts to wear off they get retired to ground duty.
  14. Barc Buster

    Best Gloves for Climbing?

    I like these Maxiflex gloves. These have about 2 months of heavy use on them. 7.50 a pair when purchased 12 at a time off amazon.
  15. Barc Buster

    Best Gloves for Climbing?

    Hope for your wife's sake Paul that that isnt your shocker hand
  16. Barc Buster

    rolling bowline

    Here's Patrick's video of the Daisy chain hitch:
  17. Barc Buster

    Need more than a top handle in a tree

    I have had no durability issues with the 501 and I'm not gentle with my saws. Probably my most used ground saw as well. Ymmv.
  18. Barc Buster

    Brand new ms661 bog (Mtronic 3.0)

    Lol ported saws are a fad
  19. Barc Buster

    Brand new ms661 bog (Mtronic 3.0)

    661 with a 660 crank massaged into it: