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  1. Nathan

    Why was MasterBlaster banned? I forget...

    [ QUOTE ] This whole thread is so 2007...or was it 2006? [/ QUOTE ] Ha! No joke! Drama baby, drama. It is just the internet.
  2. Nathan

    Texas comp

    Sounds like a blast! I won't be climbing this year as I have moved on to more intense recreational addictions that get my arse further from the ground. Plan on stopping by and lending moral support.
  3. Nathan

    Dynamic cabling

    [ QUOTE ] How about Guardian? [/ QUOTE ] Unfortunately, after looking at the Guardian, it shows that it isn't dynamic, it is non-static
  4. Nathan

    Dynamic cabling

    You rock! That is exactly what I am looking for! btw - Fresco has updated their site
  5. Nathan

    craigslist ads

    massage with happy ending?
  6. Nathan

    Dynamic cabling

    Ok, who sells guardian? Fresco shows shag all on the subject. Google even less.
  7. Nathan

    Dynamic cabling

    [ QUOTE ] Why dynamic? [/ QUOTE ] Because dynamic like the Gefa takes all of 10 minutes to install and it isn't invasive. Plus I don't have something failing, I just have a dynamic situation I want to keep dynamic....but with security for the target. I'll google gaurdian.
  8. Nathan

    Dynamic cabling

    Howdy tree folk! I am curious what is out there for dynamic cabling? From which vendors? I am NOT a fan of cobra. Really what I am looking for is this stuff as I have installed miles of it but can't find it in the US. It doesn't have the shock absorbers like cobra or the hassles that...
  9. Nathan

    Where did you go to school?

    Texas A&M Forestry You have to be able to do the job to get top money as a climber, but a degree is great. It opens a lot of doors. Plus, if you get tired of climbing for a living and want to pull down more $$$$$, you have options if you have a degree. If not, you are stuck where the...
  10. Nathan

    What makes a good foreman?

    I agree with Tom. Gotta make that step away from the enlisted men. It is a lonely place. Don't get too focused on all that excellence in tree care tripe - blessed is he who expects little - you'll learn to be happy if everyone shows up for work (and they're sober).
  11. Nathan


    [ QUOTE ] Another "new" overpriced plastic saddle. Yawn. [/ QUOTE ] Yeah, glad I got in on those new overpriced saddles a few years back when a Butterfly could be had for $225. Guess I'll have to stay old skool
  12. Nathan

    Salespeople I need your advice!!!

    [ QUOTE ] It's always good to hear sales arborists say they aren't in it for the money. [/ QUOTE ] That is cool and all if it is a hobby. Other than that, I don't know about you lads, but I leave the house in the mornings to go sell for one thing....$$$$ Winter coming on, I would push...
  13. Nathan

    clean cut crews.

    Well, ok, getting in a bit late but I don't peek here often. One thing Nevic forgot to add is that this is Austin, Texas........the unofficial city motto is "Keep Austin Wierd!" TxTCC in Austin!!! I need to get training or get ready to help out!
  14. Nathan

    Door knockers in Oz caught in Channel 9 sting

    Yeah, but this guy had a company shirt didn't he? A truck nicer than Ek's? How do you know he wasn't insured? So he asked for a cashie - what treeman doesn't like the odd cashie instead of the invoice and wait for a check in the mail. If the old dear can't properly manage money, she needs to...
  15. Nathan

    Bring Back Butch (MasterBlaster) poll

    [ QUOTE ] A vote concept seems rediculous. Let the site ownership and management make it's own decisions. [/ QUOTE ] +1
  16. Nathan

    seed swap

    I can get you some Lacy Oak acorns. They are a fairly rare, pretty oak that thrives on basic limestone soils. Q. lacyii What do you have in trade?
  17. Nathan

    license/permits to do hurricane relief work Texas

    How are the folks doing working down there? I was there on Friday. The cream has been skimmed. Seems a climber can only earn a few hundred an hour for the 1st few days after a storm. Climbing for a few benjamins a day isn't worth it for me. My cousin was getting quotes for a leaning (not...
  18. Nathan

    "Professional" Tree Trimmer Killed

    Re: \"Professional\" Tree Trimmer Killed oh snap!
  19. Nathan

    Boy, 10, killed as dad cuts tree threatened by Ike

    A 9 yr old girl was also killed plus 2 homeowners. That was just Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. I wonder how many have been to the ER. I saw some really stoopid stuff going on there. Heck, I was the only tree guy I saw with a helmet. People don't climb up the poles and try to hook up the...
  20. Nathan

    license/permits to do hurricane relief work Texas

    I'll likely be there Friday evening and give it a go again on Saturday.